Day of giving is here |

Day of giving is here

Jeff Dempsey, The Park Record

This Friday on Live PC Give PC’s day of giving, Park City’s nonprofit community will be looking to the people for support. More than 80 nonprofits are participating. For those who want to follow along, will be updating everyone’s progress. There are also prizes awarded at the end of the day to the nonprofits that bring in the most donations in different categories, such as: Protect the Places We Play; Caring for Each Other; Keep on Moving; and an overall prize for the nonprofit that brings in the most donations of all participants. The day of giving begins at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Nov. 6 and lasts 24 hours. Below are just a few of the nonprofits asking for your support.

Recycle Utah

Recycle Utah has a simple mission but it’s an oh-so-important one. Lindsey Nielsen, outreach coordinator, said more than just a place to drop off recyclables, Recycle Utah is dedicated to creating lasting change.

"Our mission statement is, ’empowering people to lead sustainable lives,’" Nielsen said.

Founded in 1991 by a group of concerned citizens, the Park City Conservation Association has spent more than two decades educating the community and protecting Park City’s groundwater from harmful recyclable waste. Recycle Utah holds workshops, too, and visits elementary schools throughout Summit and Wasatch counties.

Nielsen said Recycle Utah will be fundraising this year with one specific goal in mind: to let Ms. Nancy go to that great warehouse in the sky.

"We’ll be fundraising specifically for a new forklift," she said. "Our current forklift is 20 years old, fondly referred to as ‘Ms. Nancy,’ and is falling apart."

Those who pay a visit to Recycle Utah on the day of giving will have plenty to do.

"[We will have] a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of the recycling center, Christmas crafts with recycled corks and breakfast."

In addition, local high schoolers will be there to help draw people in.

"[There will be] honk-and-waves with Key Club members from Park City High School dressed in plastic bag hula skirts," Nielsen said.

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Summit County Children’s Justice Center

The Summit County Children’s Justice Center is participating in Live PC Give PC for the first time this year and Director Melissa McKain said staff is hopeful it will benefit them.

"We are hoping it will bring awareness to what we do to support child abuse victims and families in Summit County," she said.

The mission of the CJC, she said, is to provide a comfortable child-friendly atmosphere where children receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process. It is a difficult and often thankless task, one McKain said they share with other similar groups around Utah.

"The Summit County CJC is one of 22 homelike facilities across the state that serve children and families who are experiencing the crisis that comes with the disclosure of sexual, physical and emotional abuse," she said. "Families come to the center as the first step in the investigative process. Trained forensic interviewers talk with the child about the alleged abuse and use video equipment to preserve the evidence and thus eliminate the need for multiple interviews."

The CJC’s role in the process is invaluable, McKain said, which is why she is hoping the Park City community will be supportive Nov. 6.

"The CJC’s multidiscipline approach increases coordination among child protection and criminal justice agencies, allowing them to track a child’s progress through the investigation, judicial and health care process."

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For those making the courageous choice to escape from domestic violence, there is already enough to consider. The last thing they need is to worry about whether they will have food to eat or something as simple as a toothbrush. And that is where GurlFytrz comes in. Marcia Mason, founder and executive director of GurlFytrz, said her organization is all about taking care of those basics so victims can focus on getting their lives together.

"We assist domestic violence victims and single parents with whatever they need through their time of healing," she said. "We gather food, clothes, hygiene products, gifts, holiday baskets — we also grant scholarships to needy kids in Summit County."

GurlFytrz also focuses on empowering women. Mason is a domestic violence survivor herself and a fourth-degree black belt, and GurlFytrz holds karate classes to help other women and children feel stronger the same way Mason did when she learned. As part of their effort to bring attention on the Live PC Give PC day of giving, Mason said they will show off their karate skills.

"We are having our yearly demonstration and fundraiser in conjunction with Live PC Give PC Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 550 Main St. above Indian Traders. Anyone is invited — it is also a potluck."

Money raised during the event will be put to a good cause: "Martial arts scholarships for Summit County kids who cannot otherwise afford tuition," Mason said.

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People’s Health Clinic

Health insurance remains a concern for too many Americans, and Park City is not immune from that. Helping those who need it is where People’s Health Clinic comes in, and Jenny Dorsey, fundraising director, said PHC is a vital part of the community.

"In what is considered a land of plenty and booming resort town, there are hundreds of gainfully employed people, most working one or two jobs, who do not have access to health insurance," she said. "And when you don’t have health insurance or a regular doctor and dentist, things can go south very quickly."

According to Utah’s Report on Poverty, one in six in Summit County and one in five in Wasatch County are without health insurance.

Unlike some organizations during Live PC Give PC, Dorsey said PHC is going to use the money it raises in a variety of ways.

"[Donations] are unrestricted," she said. "Which allows us to direct funds to a variety of programs and patient care. [That’s] the exciting thing about Live PC Give PC."

General medicine, pediatrics, chronic disease care, prenatal, women’s health, children’s vision, dental care (for existing patients only) and mental health are just some of the programs Dorsey said donations will help support.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. on the day of giving, Dorsey said PHC will have a donation station at Hugo Coffee, 1794 Olympic Pkwy.

"In addition to donating to Live PC Give PC on that day, participants can also support the Clinic by purchasing a peppermint latte," she said. "Hugo will donate a percentage of every peppermint latte sold to the People’s Health Clinic."

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Summit Bike Club

The mission of Summit Bike Club is simple – to help athletes develop into the best cyclists in the world. They do that through educating athletes about the skills, safety and sportsmanship necessary to excel in cycling. MJ Turner, president of the Park City-based club, said they are excited about Live PC Give PC and looking forward to the day of giving.

Turner said the more donations they bring in Friday, the better, because many of the children who dream of one day becoming the best cyclists on Earth simply cannot afford to do so. As a nonprofit, Turner said, Summit Bike Club is committed to doing everything it can to help those future stars.

"[We’re fundraising for] our scholarship fund for kids who need financial assistance to be involved in our programs," he said.

Summit Bike Club has programs for four age ranges and a masters group. They also have public and private clinics and the Wasatch 360, a six-hour fundraising ride. In short, Turner said, the money that goes to Summit Bike Club during Live PC Give PC will help a lot of kids learn valuable skills that will help them not just in rides, but in life. It’s all about growing mountain biking.

"We are based in Park City but we have athletes across northern Utah," he said. "As well as in some surrounding states. We’re working hard to #growMTB."

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