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Elevated Adventure Company offers quick getaways

Bubba Brown

Alex Stoy and Tina Nardi know that time is a precious resource for many people.

So why waste any of it stuck in a car, navigating the interstate gridlock, when you could be roaming the natural wonders of Utah’s outdoors? Stoy and Nardi, who run Park City-based Elevated Adventure Company, are aiming to solve that quandary for adventurers.

The company specializes in one-day customized adventure tours to Southern Utah. Trips head out from the Heber City Municipal Airport in the morning and arrive back by sunset. In between, Stoy and Nardi lead clients on activities such as desert exploration, mountain biking and paddle boarding — or even yoga surrounded by golden arches surging into the sky.

Though it also offers longer trips — to destinations all around Utah — Elevated Adventure Company’s specialty is packing a typical three-day trip to Southern Utah — two days of traveling and one for the adventuring — into about 12 hours.

"Time nowadays is luxury, and it’s a luxury that a lot of people don’t have," said Nardi, who is the company’s chief creative officer and doubles as a guide. "So this is an awesome way to get around that. We take care of all the details — transportation to and from, as well as the food and gear and everything. So people can just show up and have the experience and are able to kind of let things go."

Stoy, whose title is chief adventure officer, got the idea for the company in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2013 that the idea truly started to take off. And this year, with Nardi on board, the product has become more refined and Elevated Adventure Company has made a push to make its brand well known among Parkites and visitors, alike.

"Everywhere we go, people are blown away by the concept," Stoy said. "We talk to people about it, and people are like, ‘Whoa, this is pretty awesome. Why wasn’t this done before?’ There’s just so much potential there."

Providing a memorable food experience has been a big component of the company’s transformation. Under Nardi’s direction, the culinary offerings have gone from "a brown-bag lunch and a bottle of whiskey," as Stoy described it, to upscale meals that for many customers end up being one of the primary highlights of the trip.

"The food thing was big for me," Nardi said. "I love food and grew up around food in my family. It’s just a great connector part of this. We come back to that word a lot — connect. Because when you go down to the desert, we all go down because it’s awesome. You get away from work and you get away from everything else, and you’re able to connect with yourself and the environment and the people you’re with. Food can tie that together. You sit down, slow down and have a conversation."

Stoy said that the company spends much effort meticulously crafting the right trip for each group of customers. Each group fills out questionnaires in which they describe their preferences for food, activity level and destination, then Stoy and Nardi use that information to plan the tours. It results in no two trips being exactly alike — and in satisfied customers who end up with the exact experiences they were hoping for.

"For me, the experience is all about seeing a smile on somebody’s face," Stoy said. "You get to see someone go from, ‘Oh, I feel a little uncomfortable about this — I don’t know what I’m getting myself into,’ to the end of the day, when they have their favorite bottle of wine and are giving cheers to everyone. That whole shift is what I really love about this."

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