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Flight Boutique expands to Salt Lake City

The owners of Flight Boutique on Main Street have considered expanding to Salt Lake City for a couple of years. They kept their eyes on the real estate market, and when they saw an opening last fall, they made the decision to move within a week.

Now, the women’s apparel, shoes and accessories store has its second location at Trolley Square.

Blaire Isleib, co-founder of Flight Boutique, said that it has been a lot of work to get everything set up, especially in the limited timeframe. They had about one month to get the shop ready. They opened in December.

She said that in the months since opening, they have been pleasantly surprised with the fashion scene in Salt Lake City and are enjoying expanding their clientele. They have been able to expand their offerings as well by adding an active wear department.

“We are happy with the decision so far,” she said.

She said that she and her business partner, Kristen Doyon, are considering further expansion. Now that the Salt Lake location is running smoothly, they are focusing on establishing a strong presence online with an online boutique.

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