Food Network comes to Park City |

Food Network comes to Park City

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

Editor’s Note: The Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" also filmed at Silver Star Café and Maxwell’s in Salt Lake City, which will be featured in upcoming editions of The Park Record.

Sammy’s Bistro sits in the corner of the Park City Plaza on Bonanza Drive. The relaxed atmosphere is apparent upon entrance into the restaurant, and now there is a strange marking on the wall to the left of the front doors. It is a spray-painted "tag" that reads, "Guy ate here."

Sam Harris, owner of Sammy’s Bistro, said he received a call about four or five weeks ago from the Food Network letting him know that Guy Fieri, host of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," was interested in filming an episode at his restaurant.

"We had a preliminary interview and then a couple of more lengthy interviews over the phone," Harris said. "[The network] has a location research department that found us and called me."

The network asked Harris to send in 12-15 recipes for Fieri to choose from, and Fieri ended up choosing the Chivito Club sandwich and the Savory Chicken Bowl with rice. While Harris said the two dishes are not top-sellers at the restaurant, they are the most unique and hearty.

According to Harris, the Chivito Club is pork tenderloin, lettuce, bacon, tomato and eggs with a spicy mayo and tomatillo sauce on a hoagie roll. It was inspired by a friend of his that he worked with at Shabu and had a booth next to Harris at the Park Silly Sunday Market.

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"Alfredo is from Uruguay, and he sold a Chivito Club at the booth next to me. That gave me the inspiration but not the exact recipe," Harris said. "It is the national sandwich of Uruguay, so I have to give props to Alfredo for that inspiration."

The Savory Chicken Bowl with rice is slow-roasted shredded chicken with poblano peppers, onion, garlic, garam masala curry and several Asian spices with a tomatillo sauce and topped with fried tortilla strips.

Harris said the Asian and Southwestern fusion also originated at the Park Silly Sunday Market. He made chicken tacos, and while everything tasted great, Harris said he felt like there was something missing.

"I saw some yellow curry sitting on the shelf, threw it in there and there it was," he said. "Since then, we’ve jazzed it up with some sauces and garnishes."

The show is set to air in three or four months, and Harris hopes it is not the weekend he is getting married in May. However, if it is, he said, he and his new bride will "wheel a big-screen TV into [their] room and watch it."

Harris said he is proud to have served Fieri, because he receives plenty of inspiration and ideas from his show. He hopes that the episode filmed at his restaurant will bring even more business in and do great things for the restaurant.

"We are already busy, so I expect that when [the episode] airs, things will get really busy in here for at least a few weeks afterwards," Harris said. "It is the top-rated show in the Food Network, so it is a big thing for us."