For wealth management firm, move to Park City is paying off |

For wealth management firm, move to Park City is paying off

Bubba Brown

For Harlan Cadinha, it all started with his "angry wife."

He was in college and choosing an elective course to fill out his schedule for the semester. A golfing class would be fun and easy, he thought. Why not give it a try? But his wife had other ideas. And it’s lucky that she did, he said, reflecting with a grin.

"She was looking at my schedule that I was going to sign in for the next day and said, ‘What are we paying for you to take golfing? Take something about the stock market and make yourself useful,’" he said. "The next day in the gym, when I’m registering for class, I thought, ‘Yeah, she’s probably right.’ There was an Investments 310 course and I took it and fell in love. And that’s it. It was a duck-in-water type of thing."

Decades later, Cadinha still finds himself looking at his wife and thinking how grateful he is for her advice. It led to a career in finance and to opening his own wealth management firm, Cadinha & Company, 36 years ago in Hawaii. Three years ago, he opened an office in Park City, where he hopes the company becomes an integral part of the community.

"I like Park City," said Cadinha, who chose the town because of its proximity to the airport among other factors. "It’s a beautiful place, people are friendly, it’s clean. All of the good things make sense. And we’re able to find terrific talent, people that are well-educated that appreciate the same things we do philosophically. It’s a fine fit. The state of Utah is business friendly. It really is."

Michael Morse, manager of sales and operations, has been in Park City for five years after moving here to train with the U.S. Ski Team. He entered the finance world to find a new challenge after his skiing career ended, and Cadinha & Company has proven to be the perfect fit.

He relishes the opportunity to manage the Park City office and said the success of the firm comes down to its committed employees.

"I think the firm, it’s more of a tight-knit group or a family," Morse said. "That makes everyone’s interest become aligned, and it’s a lot easier to work in that environment when you’re with a group of people who all kind of see it the same way."

Fortunately, Cadinha said, Utah provides a solid stable of qualified employees to choose from. It’s all about finding people who align with the company’s approach of doing whatever is best for the client, no matter what.

"It’s critical. If they don’t have that focus, they’re gone," Cadinha said. "I mean, that’s what we do. It’s an objective structure. We’re all of the same notion. The people factor is maybe the most important thing. You want people you trust and know that we’ve all got the same focus."

As far as Cadinha & Company’s services, it uses an expansive amount of resources to distill financial information from an ever-changing and complicated world into what’s best for customers.

"We try to figure things out through a consensus," Cadinha said. "We’ll have a three-hour meeting and take off on the Federal Reserve and what’s happening with China, currency problems. We’re all over the place, but we want the mindset to be the same, so when we make a decision for a client, we want it to be digested in the minds of many. And we all buy in or we don’t buy in."

The end result is mitigating risk and ensuring clients don’t get hurt while also making them money. It’s a delicate balance, but one that is central to the company’s mission.

"I want to just manage money in the best interest of my clients," Cadinha said. "We’ll put 50 percent in Treasury bills if we don’t like what we see. Not every day is investment day in this business. You find times to buy because there are really bargains, then you find times to sit back and wait."

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