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Healer feels good vibes in Park City

Wendy Wise, a healer who aims to help clients find physical, spiritual and mental wellness through her company, Energy, Body, Life, says Parkites are open to the idea of holistic medicine and energy-based healing.

As far back as she could remember, Wendy Wise had always wanted to help others through medicine. At 34 years old, after years of studying various aspects of health and wellness, she decided to attend medical school. She envisioned herself donning a white lab coat in a few short years.

Then life intervened.

She was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain, permanently impairing her vision and altering her outlook on life. She dropped her ambitions of becoming a doctor. Her path instead led her to becoming what she is today: a holistic healer whose services aim to help her clients achieve physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

"The clot stopped my life," said Wise, who owns the Park City-based wellness company Energy, Body, Life.

Wise said the clot helped her find her true calling. A member of the Chickasaw tribe, she has a background in Native American healing, and she said she is considered a curandera, a folk healer who uses the holistic, energy-based medicinal techniques of several cultures. She is also a massage therapist and a clinical nutritionist, so her services incorporate elements of Western healing, as well.

Her aim, she said, is to help people become healthy and happy. Clients seek her out for a variety of reasons, including to overcome physical maladies, deal with relationship troubles and improve athletic performance. Her services are centered around the idea that each person is capable of becoming the best version of themselves — but that it can take someone with a different perspective to help them find their way.

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"It's not always easy to explain what I do," she said. "What I do is so unique and customized because each person has a story that they're currently living and carrying around with them. … Sometimes that story works for us and sometimes not so much. What I help people do is figure out what's working and what isn't, then give them tools and clear energy that helps them get to wherever it is that they're trying to go."

Wise has no illusions about how people perceive her trade. She understands many are skeptical of holistic, energy-based medicine. Most people she encounters in Park City, however, are open-minded about her work, she said. People are often eager to delve into holistic healing, and many who are more hesitant are still willing to try, she said.

That level of acceptance is one reason Wise moved to town in the first place. She said it's empowering for people to discover that they are held back only by what they believe is possible.

"I was raised in a place that didn't say (healing through energy) was impossible," she said. "Most people are taught that it is not real or that it doesn't exist. In Native American culture, we believe that anything is possible."

Wise offers her services at Zanté Spa, 1375 Deer Valley Drive, and also conducts sessions at clients' homes. New clients receive a free 30-minute consultation, then can choose from a number of treatment packages. She said there is no set pricing structure, and the cost is flexible, depending on a client's needs.

During each session, Wise said, she evaluates five areas that comprise a person's wellness: emotional, spiritual, biochemical, environmental and physical. By exploring those facets, she can discern what is holding back a client. Reading people in that way is an ability she's always had, she said, but it became stronger when she lost much of her vision.

"I knew things that other people didn't know, saw things that other people couldn't," she said. "I was just taught to think and look differently at things."

Though her career isn't what she envisioned before the blood clot, Wise said she wouldn't change it. Being a healer has allowed her to use her abilities in a way she never could have as a doctor.

"There's no separation between work and play for me because I love it, and it comes naturally to me," she said. "Sometimes you just know what you know, and you know you're supposed to be somewhere and doing something. This is for sure for me where I'm supposed to be."

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