Increase in marketing fund to benefit efforts |

Increase in marketing fund to benefit efforts

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

During the 2014 Utah State Legislation General Session, local tourism coalitions and industry executives lobbied for a $3 million increase in the Tourism Marketing Performance Fund. They were successful, and the tourism marketing industry in Utah will see that increase from $12 million to $15 million in the next fiscal year.

Park City Chamber/Bureau president and CEO Bill Malone said the money appropriated will benefit Park City in several ways. First, he believes the state will undoubtedly spend more money in terms of advertising, and Park City benefits greatly from the winter advertisements.

"People find a connection seeing Utah advertisements on TV and thinking Park City when it comes to winter," he said. "We will also benefit from the 20 percent of those dollars going to the co-op marketing program."

Malone said the Chamber/Bureau applies for money from the Utah Cooperative Marketing Program, which will receive 20 percent of the $15 million. They have to be specific with the state about how the money will be used and how receiving the money would help them.

When that pot of money increases, he said, they are more likely to receive the money. It will also increase the maximum amount of money that can be asked for, which will greatly benefit the Chamber/Bureau’s marketing efforts.

"That application is not due until the end of June, so we are still formulating plans as to what the project we will be asking for assistance for will be," Malone said. "The assistance we have received in the past has been used to obtain TV marketing campaigns in markets like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago."

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The Chamber/Bureau purchased an advertising package with NBC that began Dec. 26, a combination of 15-second and 30-second commercials promoting skiing and winter tourism in Park City. The commercials ran during the Winter Olympic Games.

Malone said another 10 percent of the $15 million appropriated in the Tourism Marketing Performance Fund goes to the Utah Sports Commission. The Chamber/Bureau receives a "healthy portion" of that money to help host winter sports competitions, like last year’s Olympic-qualifying events.

Now that the ski season is ending, the Chamber/Bureau will launch its summer tourism marketing efforts soon. The more sales tax from tourism they bring in to Utah, the greater the chances will be for another increase in appropriations in the Tourism Marketing Performance Fund.

"Because the state’s collection of taxes exceeded a 5 percent growth from previous years, we were able to request a 3 percent increase in the fund," Malone said. "It is a performance-based arrangement, and our ski industry and more recently our summer industry are huge contributors to that."