Kirsten Fox is Woman of the Year |

Kirsten Fox is Woman of the Year

She wants to continue helping people with business, Uplift Gift

Kirsten Fox accepts her Woman of the Year Award Tuesday at a Park City Women’s Business Network luncheon. Fox owns three businesses. Her newest one is Uplift Gift, which sells items meant to comfort people.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Kirsten Fox felt defeated at the end of October.

She had recently launched her third business, Uplift Gift, which sells items meant to comfort people who are in times of need.

“It’s really easy as an entrepreneur to get focused on the numbers,” Fox said. “I came to the breakfast table one morning, and I was not in a very good mood. It was the end of October and I had projected that we were going to sell 100 of these Uplift Gift boxes before the end of the month, but we had only sold three.”

Fox felt defeated, but her 12-year-old daughter, Hillary, reminded her why she started Uplift Gift.

“She said to me, ‘Mom, that’s three people in the world who are feeling better because of this company that you opened,” Fox said.

The entrepreneur said her daughter’s words kept popping up in her head at a Park City Women’s Business Network luncheon on Tuesday where she was named the Woman of the Year.

One of five women nominated for the title, Fox said all the candidates up for the award are not solely focused on success. Fox said they want to better the community, adding that she shares the same goal.

“All of these women are tying their livelihood and their businesses to a larger force for good,” Fox said.

For example, Fox thought of nominee Cathy King, the director of Canines with a Cause, who puts her heart into a program in which female prison inmates train rescue dogs to be companions of veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fox, who feels humbled and honored to be named Woman of the Year, was also reminded of her mission when she bumped into one of Uplift Gift’s customers at the luncheon.

Among other items, the customer had purchased a pashmina for a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer.
Fox, who got the idea for Uplift during her own battle with cancer, was told the customer’s friend takes the shawl with her when she goes to the hospital with her daughter.

“It fills my heart with joy to think that we were able to give a gift that helps her friend be comforted while her friend is going through this,” Fox said.

When Fox stood up to accept the award, she included her mission to comfort people through difficult times, be it a cancer diagnosis or a recent divorce.

Kathleen Barlow, president of the Women’s Business Network, was motivated by what Fox had to say. She also felt inspired by the number of women who came to the Tuesday luncheon.

“It was great,” Barlow said. “We had about 90 women at the luncheon, which is our largest attendance yet.”

Barlow said in addition to Fox being honored, the four other candidates were recognized by the network’s guest speaker. Beth Lawrence talked about King, Heather Bigatel, Lindsay Simpson and Michelle Palmer. The speaker also talked about how to be an example for other women looking to have successful careers.

“She said setting that intention is the first step to becoming a good example,” Barlow said.

Barlow feels the event was also successful in helping the network raise money for its scholarship program.

“We expanded our membership by 15 new members,” Barlow said.

A bulk of the college money that goes to females graduating from Park City High School comes from the network’s membership fee, which is $75 per year. Ticket sales from the luncheon also went to the scholarship pile.
Barlow said the network hopes to raise $18,000 worth of scholarship money. Last year the network raised $16,000.

To learn more about the Park City Women’s Business Network or how to become a member of the group, visit And the website for Woman of the Year Kirsten Fox’s newest business, Uplift Gift, is

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