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Local hedge fund offers investment workshops

Cole Fullmer, The Park Record
Harvey Sax, fund manager at Sax Angle Hedge Fund with the office dog Lola. Tyler Cobb/The Park Record

The chaotic scene of the Wall Street trading floor usually enters the mind when thinking of high-dollar investors. Walking into the Sax Angle Investment Partners office, a long-short equity hedge fund, the lounging chocolate lab, Lola, greats you at the door of the quiet stock market nerve center.

Financial survival is taking on a new dimension, and geographic location has little to do with the effectiveness investors can have on the market, said Harvey Sax, hedge fund manager.

"We’re giving people access to the inaccessible," Sax said. "Bigger firms that you find in New York or Connecticut don’t give you the access to professional and immediate services. You just can’t get ahold of those people like you can with us. This is important considering the $2 trillion that is invested in hedge funds"

According to Sax, the fund, which was created in 2010, has a main objective to maximize return on capital with a diversified non-leverage long and short portfolio. In layman’s terms, the fund aims to achieve a positive return on investment regardless of whether markets are rising or falling, he said.

"Currently we have over 20 investors that have entrusted us with their money and we have provided assurance that we will return a gain over time," Sax said. "We have more flexibility than most mutual funds, which work only in one market direction – up."

Similar to a mutual fund, hedge funds are pooled investments, but have fewer restrictions according to Sax. He and the fund seek out money-making opportunities in any kind of market.

"Our own particular fund is a long-short fund, which means we can invest in securities that we think will rise in value and sell short those that we think will go down in value," Sax said. "The partnership views its capital as its inventory, seeking to find that equilibrium between the most efficient inventory turnover and maximum return on investments."

Over the past decade, Sax has made his living by trading investments. Before moving to the area with his wife, Marianne, and two sons in 2003, he had made a commitment to bank on his good judgment in stock exchange as his sole source of income. After leaving a long career as businessman, where he sat at most seats at the investment table, he says his 360-degree perspective is what allows the fund to return about 40 percent in returns for investors.

"Investors in mutual funds and index funds have lost money since 2007. During that same time period, I’ve more than doubled my investments," Sax said. "When everybody else was going through the financial debacle in 2008, I had fantastic results in my portfolio with over 70 percent gained in 2009."

In February of 2012, the fund was ranked fifth best long-short equity fund in the world according to Barclay Hedge, a leading third-alternative investment party database vendor.

A key question facing investors presently, according to Sax is: what is the best strategy for staying ahead of a stock market that has been inconsistent of the past years, a trend that is showing momentum to continue?

Well according to Sax, he’s going by the book, his book that is.

In the Investment Survival Guide, written by Sax in 2012, he doesn’t claim tools learned will make investors rich beyond their wildest dreams, but guarantees he will make the most of the money people have left.

Targeting people who are facing retirement, or already retired, and are worried if money saved will be enough to live on. Sax says the book shows readers concrete and immediate steps to remedy the situation and ensure their futures are financially stable.

"This book is relative to what we do here at the fund," Sax said. "We try to show investors how to make money in many different kinds of markets. To help do this, we have started doing workshops in Park City and Salt Lake City."

Topics discussed in the free workshops include:

  • Strategies that benefit from this zero interest environment
  • Find out where $18 trillion in retirement assets are going
  • How to beat the market following insiders
  • How to ensure you don’t outlive your retirement
  • How to earn a six-figure income without buying a single stock
  • European debt problem
  • Recent analysis on deep discounted blue chip stocks

    The next 90-minute Investment Survival Workshop is scheduled for noon on May 14, at the Sax Angle building located at 1887 Gold Dust Lane. Seating is limited. To reserve a spot at the workshop contact (435) 658-1934.

    "We don’t sell or pitch any services at the workshops," Sac said. "This is just a good opportunity for local investors to come in and get some strategies while doing some networking at the same time."

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