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Local therapist promises clean bill of health

Bubba Brown

Rebecca Hilly shakes her head, almost subconsciously, when she talks about the approach most people take to healthcare.

They let their hectic and stressful lives run their bodies down, then when something inevitably goes wrong, they scurry to the doctor, hoping for a quick fix in the form of an antibiotic or a pill. To Hilly, that makes no sense. She is an advocate of people continually monitoring their health and taking preventative measures to ensure they stay in top shape.

Hilly has opened a new body wellness therapy practice, the Living Energy Center, to help people do just that. The center is located at 1622 Bonanza Drive.

"My whole thing is you’ve got to bring your health home," Hilly said. "You can’t just wait for something to happen and go, ‘Try to fix it.’"

The Living Energy Center combines Eastern natural-healing techniques that use holistic approaches to balance the body’s energy with modern technology. Hilly, who is a certified health coach, a licensed massage therapist and has worked for several local spas, describes it as a new frontier for healthcare.

"This is where the ancient healing arts meets the future," she said.

The main goal of the treatments Hilly offers is to rid the body of stress, which she says is one of the largest factors in maintaining health. She said many people live in a constant state of stress — caused by any number of reasons, including work, money and relationships — which inhibits the lymphatic system from working properly. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in keeping a healthy immune system, among other important functions.

"What happens is that (stress) stays locked on," Hilly said. "You have to turn off the stress response. And you have to, on a regular basis, activate the relaxation response."

The primary treatment Hilly offers is a 90-minute therapy session that uses a variety of methods to achieve relaxation and get the lymphatic system working properly. Among the tools she uses is a power plate vibration machine, which stimulates the bodies of patients when they stand on it. Commonly used in sports medicine, the machine gets the body’s energy flowing, Hilly said.

"I use that to kind of stir up the milkshake in the blender," she said.

From there, she has patients lie on a massage table, where they put on headphones and listen to guided visualization techniques to help them into a deep state of relaxation. At the same time, Hilly uses LED lights on the patients, which she says helps activate the lymphatic system. For Hilly, discovering the therapeutic use for LED lighting was an eye-opening moment.

"When the LED lights went on, it was like my lights went on, too," she said. "It was like, ‘This is what’s going to connect the whole enchilada. I’m going to work with this.’"

Hilly also has patients sit in an infrared sauna to sweat out toxins, which she said is a primary cause of chronic inflammation, a contributor to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

"It’s the silent killer, and stress is part of that cycle," Hilly said. "And there aren’t any drugs or surgeries to deal with the inflammation, so it comes back to stress management, health coaching and lifestyle management."

When those methods are combined in one session, Hilly said, the positive health effects are noticeable.

"I can drop you into deep relaxation," she said. "That’s when your body gets into a healing response and reboots itself. It’s kind of like a computer. You reboot it, refresh it and start over again. This is the only thing that I’ve found that really cracks the nut for inflammation and stress management."

Hilly recommends patients receive the treatments at least every three weeks. She acknowledges that may be too pricy for some — a 90-minute session costs $140 — so she’s working on converting a room in the Living Energy Center to allow people to come in for shorter relaxation sessions.

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