Marketplace: A donut shop with a ‘Naughty’ edge |

Marketplace: A donut shop with a ‘Naughty’ edge

Naughty Donuts brings all-natural offerings to Park City
Marketplace: A donut shop with a ‘Naughty’ edge

The idea had been marinating in Cady Wolf’s mind for years, but when she moved to Park City, it seemed like might never come to fruition.

Wolf, a self-described lover of donuts, had created a brand for a donut shop that offered pastries made from all-natural ingredients. She called it Naughty Donuts and even registered a trademark. In Park City, though, there was just one problem.

“When I got here, Twice the Dough was here,” she said, referencing a popular donut shop that opened last winter. “Park City is a small town, so I was like, ‘The town probably can’t have two donut shops with the same idea. I was sad, but happy at the same time because the donuts were good.”

But then Twice the Dough closed unexpectedly over the summer, and Wolf made her move. She bought Twice the Dough, at 1400 Snow Creek Drive, and turned it into Naughty Donuts. The shop recently opened and is satisfying Parkites’ hunger for gourmet-style pastry treats.

“It was like, ‘I’d be crazy not to do it,’” she said. “There was this void because they had a lot of loyal followers. Everybody here is so healthy and active, but you need a good donut.”

Wolf is hoping Parkites quickly embrace the Naughty Donuts brand, which she describes as equal parts fun and edgy. Many donuts come with names that might make customers with their minds in the gutter blush. There’s the chocolate-covered donut with sprinkles called Sprink Me, for instance, and the WTF (What the Fudge).

A few others lay on the innuendo even thicker, but Wolf insists coyly that the names aren’t hinting at anything.

“I always say to people that it’s however they interpret it,” she said, smiling. “… The reaction we get from people coming in is that they really love it.”

Whatever people think of the names of the donuts, Wolf is confident they’ll enjoy how they taste. She said Naughty Donuts offers four main categories that are sure to include something for everybody.

Pleasure donuts are the classics, such as glazed and powdered sugar, and the Pure line features a rotating menu of six to eight vegan and gluten-free offerings. Then there are the full-fat donuts with creative toppings: The Guilt classification includes donuts such as the maple whiskey- and Canadian bacon-topped The Biebs, while the Little Guilt range features bite-size donuts with fillings.

All of the offerings, Wolf said, are made with natural ingredients, making them a relatively healthy option compared to donuts made with processed ingredients and other similar foods.

“The reality is a donut can actually be better for you than, like, a bagel — it’s less calories than a bagel with cream cheese and all that stuff on it,” she said. “It’s less calories than a biscuit. It’s less calories than a croissant. So a donut is not bad for you.”

That’s why Naughty Donuts’ tagline is “Pleasure without guilt.”

“The whole idea of Naughty Donuts is that you shouldn’t have to feel bad about eating a donut,” Wolf said. “You can enjoy a donut without feeling guilty because we’re making it with a ton of local ingredients and organic ingredients and all-natural ingredients. So you can feel good about it.”

Wolf, who moved to Park City over the summer after her family had been visiting town often for more than a decade, wants Naughty Donuts to be a community gathering place. When she converted the space from Twice the Dough, she added tables, music and wifi access and began selling coffee from Park City roaster Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters — everything a customer would need to kick back and stay awhile.

“We want it to be a place people come and hang out,” she said. “We’re feeling that already start to happen. We’re already seeing repeat customers, even from our soft opening last week. People are saying they want to hang out here. It’s a local, healthy, feel-good experience.”

If the early returns are any indication, Wolf said, locals are quickly embracing Naughty Donuts, like they did Twice the Dough. The shop has already had several repeat customers, and Wolf envisions a time in the near future when everybody in Park City is coming in for a Walk of Shame — the shop’s name for a variety box of a dozen donuts.

“It’s a big box of donuts, but they shouldn’t feel ashamed,” she said. “They should feel proud.”

Naughty Donuts
1400 Snow Creek Drive

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