Marketplace: Bridgenosis takes on subconscious ‘kryptonite’ |

Marketplace: Bridgenosis takes on subconscious ‘kryptonite’

Laura Palmer is a hypnotherapist whose company, Bridgenosis, aims to help people overcome the subconscious beliefs that are holding them back. She says Park City, which is full of entrepreneurs and high-achieving people, is the perfect place for her company.

There is one trait, according to Laura Palmer, that nearly everybody in the world shares. No matter who someone is, or how much success they've achieved, there is "kryptonite" lurking in their subconscious, patterns of thought that are holding them back.

Some of the kryptonite, or "limiting beliefs," as Palmer refers to them, include the fear of failure, a perception that "I'm not good enough," or a sense that "my worth is based on what I can produce for others."

As Palmer, a hypnotherapist, dug more and more into those common subconscious beliefs, she discovered that they are particularly debilitating for people in positions of pressure. For instance, an entrepreneur in charge of his or her own financial future, as well as the financial stability of an entire company's employees, is likely to experience a number of doubts and insecurities creeping into their subconscious.

That's why Palmer markets her company, Bridgenosis, primarily to leaders, entrepreneurs and competitive athletes — people whose stakes, she said, are high.

"It's usually people in that position that have to face any sort of fears that might be lying dormant," she said. "I can actually help someone spot what are the limiting patterns in the subconscious that are playing on autopilot, that you don't know are there? I help people get out of their own way."

Palmer founded Bridgenosis in the Washington, D.C., area but recently moved to Park City. Her company aims to help people discover the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, then eliminate them. Palmer offers one-on-one sessions for clients, as well as a personal audio program for clients to listen to each night as they fall asleep.

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By getting rid of debilitating thoughts, Palmer said, people can better follow their "internal GPS." She said people are trained from a young age to look for external validation for everything, rather than relying on their own intuition. While that helps children learn and survive when they're young, it causes the subconscious to create beliefs to help people cope with the gap between what their intuition wants and what they must do, Palmer said.

"When you're growing up and still developing as a human, you're limited in your relationships, your environment, your decision-making power and your freedom," she said. "You can't follow whatever it is that your intuition would want you to follow."

The result is that people carry those subconscious beliefs into adulthood, long after they've stopped being useful. For instance, one of Palmer's clients grew up in a household in which her parents were strict about her finishing her peas at dinner, which she hated, before she got dessert.

In adulthood, the effect of that manifested itself in an interesting way. Palmer said the woman, a lawyer, was overworking herself to the point of exhaustion and had developed an intense sugar craving. Her subconscious was telling her that she must work incredibly hard to the point of being miserable to be worthy of a reward. After undergoing sessions with Bridgenosis, Palmer said she was able to identify that limiting belief and help the woman overcome it.

"She actually did like being a lawyer," she said. "She is very good at it and it's pretty joyful for her. In order for her to make it miserable, she had to just work constantly. She had to intensify it. I said, 'Hey, are you willing to trust that your compass will tell you when you have to work hard, and otherwise let's set the default at working joyfully.' She was like, 'Heck yeah.' Because consciously, none of us believe these things that hold us back."

Palmer, who moved to Park City this summer, was eager to bring Bridgenosis to town. She said there are many driven professionals, ranging from entrepreneurs to athletes, who could benefit from her services. She is eager to help them overcome whatever it is that is holding them back.

"People are afraid sometimes of facing subconscious beliefs because they think they're true, but they're not," she said. "It's safe to say that my passion is working with people that can impact other people. Because when you have leaders make these shifts, it changes the whole organization."

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