Marketplace: Chiropractor has Parkites’ backs |

Marketplace: Chiropractor has Parkites’ backs

Megan Ping relishes treating the town’s active residents

Megan Ping recently opened Project Gold Chiropractic in Park City. She moved to the area from a blue-collar town in Minnesota, and she says shes pleased to be treating Park Citys population of active residents.
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One thing was immediately clear when Megan Ping moved to Park City full time and opened a chiropractic clinic.

She had practiced in a small, blue-collar town in Minnesota for more than a decade, but it was obvious that she would be treating a different kind of patient in Park City. The people she saw in Minnesota had often been injured in car accidents, or from the physical stress of manning the factory line for decades.

In Park City, however, she is working primarily with people who have injuries from the active lifestyles they lead on the ski slopes or mountain bike trails.

For Ping, it’s a welcome change.

“I love working with athletes and the repetitive stress that some sports cause,” she said. “There’s definitely a lot of that happening in Park City. … So patient-wise, this is totally different.”

Ping is likely to be treating plenty of athletes. Her practice, Project Gold Chiropractic, is on the second floor of the Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa, at 2080 Gold Dust Lane, a space she chose precisely because of the clients the sports club brings in. Already, she is discovering how different it is to treat people who are passionate about physical activity.

“You go over stretches and exercises with a patient in Minnesota, and 90 percent of the time you know they’re not doing it,” she said. “Here, you have to make sure they’re not doing too much. People are so anxious and ready and willing to do whatever they can to get better. It’s so fun having people who want to be at their best.”

Ping has been practicing chiropractic for about 15 years. Her father was a chiropractor, too, so she was exposed to the profession growing up and understood the importance of alternative medicine. Watching him help people remain healthy and active resonated with her. But it wasn’t until she was an undergraduate that she decided to enter the field as well. She originally set out to be a nurse, but discovered quickly that following in her father’s footsteps would be a better fit.

All these years later, she knows she made the right choice.

“I absolutely love it because you know you’re affecting that person’s life, but you’re also affecting their family, their coworkers, everyone,” she said. “Because when you’re in pain, you’re not the same person. So if you can take away that pain and get that person active, doing what they love to do, you’re making a positive impact on a lot of people. It’s an amazing profession. I love it.”

Ping said that many people across the country still only have a vague notion about what chiropractors do. In Park City, though, it seems to her that many are open to chiropractic and other alternative forms of medicine. In her practice, Ping offers treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, acupuncture and nutritional counseling.

She said it’s important for people to know there are options to treat injuries beyond seeing physicians, taking prescribed drugs and going under the knife.

“Try the alternative method first, then if that doesn’t work go to medications,” she said. “So many times people do it backwards, like they’ve had three back surgeries and now they’re ready to try chiropractic. Well, at that point they’re not really the best candidate because they’ve done a lot of damage through scar tissue and whatnot.”

For patients who want to learn more about alternative medicine and whole-body wellness, Ping is happy to teach them. She said people would be healthier if they understood how their bodies work and how to take care of them. She teaches every patient how to do simple stretches, but enjoys when someone wants to dig deeper.

“Not everyone is interested in learning about that, but I throw in as much as I can,” she said. “I think it’s important to know that your body is a self-healing organism, if you take care of it. …It just depends on how deep people want to take this. I can go as deep as they want, but some people just want to feel a little bit better and others want to dive deep. It just depends on the patient.”

Project Gold Chiropractic
2080 Gold Dust Lane

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