Marketplace: For Park City IT company Infinicloud, the sky is no limit |

Marketplace: For Park City IT company Infinicloud, the sky is no limit

Service aims to leverage power of cloud computing for businesses

Earl Foote is the founder of Infinicloud, a company that aims to provide businesses with all of their information technology needs through cloud computing. Foote says clients will never again have to worry about the hassle of managing servers, networks and other technology.
(Bubba Brown/Park Record)

The computer industry has undergone a number of seismic shifts since Earl Foote first entered it nearly 20 years ago. But few things have transformed it like the recent rise of cloud computing.

Now, roughly two decades after Foote founded the Park City-based Nexus IT Consultants, cloud computing has birthed another venture. He recently unveiled Infinicloud, a company that provides information technology services for small and medium companies through the power of the cloud.

“Cloud technology has revolutionized our industry and the world as a whole,” he said. “… But we saw a great need in that most organizations don’t really understand exactly what cloud technology is and exactly what it can do for them. Most organizations hear this buzzword, “cloud,” and know they should implement it, but most don’t understand where to start with it.”

Infinicloud’s aim is to be an all-inclusive solution for businesses amid an ever-changing technological landscape. The service includes companies’ entire networks and internet connections, servers in off-site data centers so companies no longer have to host their own infrastructure, virtual desktops for enrolled users, software licenses to Microsoft’s suite of programs, and all the computers and equipment businesses need. Infinicloud also provides 24-hour customer support for all users within an organization.

Additionally, all the data is backed up several times over, and protected by military-grade security provided by the large centers in which the information is housed, Foote said.

As Foote describes it, Infinicloud essentially frees up organizations from the hassle of worrying about their information technology needs. Owners of small- or medium-sized businesses can focus on other areas of running their companies instead of dealing with a downed server or a router that’s on the fritz. Rather than bothering management if a printer isn’t working, for example, an employee can contact Infinicloud directly and solve the problem — usually in a half hour or less, Foote said.

“They often don’t have the need or the budget to have a full-time IT on staff,” he said. “By default, the IT problems usually filter to somebody in management. Oftentimes, it’s the owner dealing with the problems. In this situation, it takes everything off their plate, and they never have to deal with it again.”

Foote added that Infinicloud tries to make their offerings as cost effective as possible for businesses. Clients pay a flat monthly fee per each enrolled user within their organization, ranging from about $125 to $275, depending on the scope of service. The total cost is often less than companies pay for their current information technology set-up, he said.

“Generally, cloud technology enables them to save money while actually increasing their functionality, their mobility and their efficiency as a company,” he said. “… That organization never again has a capital investment into IT. They never buy servers, they never buy computers, they never buy laptops. They simply subscribe a user and we provide everything.”

Foote, who has been in the information technology industry for years through Nexus IT Consultants, said he decided to branch out into the cloud because it’s the perfect time. Cloud computing has been around for a long time, but it came at a premium for companies that were willing to pony up the cash. In recent years, as the cloud has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life for many, the cost has shrunk enough that utilizing it the way Infinicloud does is affordable for the kinds of businesses Foote typically works with.

Since Infinicloud first emerged last year, many local organizations have gotten on board, Foote said. The company’s clients include Basin Recreation, Jans Mountain Outfitters, the Christian Center of Park City and the Utah Brewers Cooperative. Each month, one or two new companies are joining the service.

“When we’re adding companies with 30, 50 or 150 users, that is significant,” he said. “So the response has been very good. … Our clients love what’s happening. They love the ease of use and ease of support and the fact that we’re hyper responsive to them when they need us.”


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