Marketplace: Get Organized helps homes find order |

Marketplace: Get Organized helps homes find order

Kris Hanaman, left, and Ann Martin are sisters who co-founded Get Organized, a home organization service. They help with decluttering and re-organizing homes and individual rooms as well as unpacking and setting up homes.
Carolyn Webber/Park Record

As a child, Ann Martin loved to reorganize her bedroom, which she shared with her not-so-clean sister, Kris Hanaman. Now they spend their time together, cleaning and organizing other people’s rooms.

The Park City residents launched a home organization business, Get Organized, last June.

The idea for the business sprung from one of their friends. She was moving and needed help to unpack and organize her home, so Martin and Hanaman volunteered. After the work was done, the friend thanked them and said, “You girls have a business here.”

Martin and Hanaman looked at each other and thought, “Wow, maybe we do.”

Both were at a point in their careers where they wanted change. Martin was a preschool teacher after working as an apparel merchant for several years. Hanaman had also undergone a career shift, leaving the marketing and advertising field to be a baker at Deer Valley Resort.

“We were both ready to move on,” Martin said.

When the sisters heard they could open a home organization business, Martin said they were immediately intrigued.

“I was like, ‘Seriously? People will pay us to come in and do this? That is like heaven on Earth,’” she said.

After the idea was planted, they spent a year attending home organization courses and reading books about the different philosophies of organization. They launched the business, and quickly realized the job was the perfect fit.

“It doesn’t seem like work because we love other people’s clutter,” Martin said.

They found that they enjoyed not only seeing the before and after of the homes, but also the people they helped. Their customers often have guilt about past purchases or family heirlooms they want to get rid of but can’t muster the strength to throw out. Martin and Hanaman help them develop the confidence and strength to let go of items.

They said that the change within their customers is noticeable, and some even get emotional about clearing their lives of unnecessary items.

“It’s very rewarding because you know you are making a difference,” Hanaman said.

She said that cluttered homes can cause anxiety and stress, especially when items do not have a place to go and people lose things. Once, they cleaned a woman’s home and found her car keys. Another time, they found about 20 cans of soup that a customer had pushed to the back of her pantry and forgotten about.

“When you come home, your home is supposed to be a peaceful, calm and safe place for you,” Martin said.

She said that when homes are organized, people spend less time searching for things and have more time to do what they love. Helping people get to that point is their ultimate goal.

“I don’t want to spend all day looking for my keys,” Martin said. “I want to go and play outside.”

While getting rid of unused clothes or unnecessary knick knacks is one of the main tasks the sisters do, they said that it is not a requirement for their services. Some customers they work with give nothing away. They just want to organize what they have.

Even though both enjoy organizing — Hanaman eventually grew out of her childhood messy phase — they said they have different strengths, which they are able to play off of. Martin usually takes the lead in playrooms because she still has small children at home while Hanaman, with her baking experience, does the kitchen.

When one has been working in one room, which can take up to eight hours, the other comes in and offers fresh eyes.

They have at times worked on overstuffed homes for a week and spent seven hours on one closet, but when they take a step back and see it all done, they said they always feel accomplished.

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