Marketplace: Healthy Pets Mountain West expands to Park City |

Marketplace: Healthy Pets Mountain West expands to Park City

Kris Lamoreaux opened a Healthy Pets Mountain West location in Park City at the end of last year. She plans on continuing to expand her five-year-old business across the state.
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Kris Lamoreaux loves to see animals living happy and healthy lives, but caring for them at the animal protection organization the Humane Society for 10 years eventually took its toll. She was emotionally drained by the constant sight of neglected dogs and cats that were not well fed.

“I wanted something on the other end of the spectrum,” she said.

So, she left her job and opened Healthy Pets Mountain West, which provides healthy food, treats and supplements, as well as toys and services, for dogs and cats.

“Going from people who don’t take care of their pets and are so disrespectful to them to the other end, where people want to give them the best food possible — the best everything possible — it saved me,” she said.

Going from people who don’t take care of their pets and are so disrespectful to them to the other end, where people want to give them the best food possible — the best everything possible — it saved me,”Kris Lamoreaux,Healthy Pets Mountain West

With the help of her sister-in-law, Krystal Lamoreaux, Kris Lamoreaux opened the first shop in Cottonwood Heights five years ago after getting the idea from a high school friend who started Healthy Pets Northwest in Oregon. After a few successful years, Kris Lamoreaux decided to expand to Park City. The shop opened in December.

Lamoreaux began plans to open a Park City location after hearing from Park City small business owner Angela Dirkers that the company she shared her space with was leaving. Dirkers, who founded the canine water therapy service The Dog Dive, asked if Lamoreaux wanted to fill the vacancy, and two months later, the move was complete.

Lamoreaux said that it was a challenge to get everything ready in only a couple of months, but it was smoother the second time around.

When she and her sister-in-law opened the Cottonwood Heights location, Lamoreaux said, they were not prepared to open a business. But their determination and inability to sit still helped make their dream happen.

Plus, Lamoreaux added, she was driven by her long-standing passion to help pets, which keeps her motivated today as well.

Her family is also motivated by a love of animals. Since her sister-in-law passed away, Kris Lamoreaux’s brother is the co-owner of the business. Her mother and son also help run the Cottonwood Heights location.

But there is no doubt that opening and running a business has its challenges as well. Lamoreaux said that sometimes, she donates so many supplies and free samples that she has to write herself a small paycheck. But when she is able to help prolong and improve the lives of animals, it makes it all worth it.

“It means the world to me to be able to do that,” she said.

Some of those moments stand out, such as when a man came in saying his cats would not eat because they were allergic to too many foods. She said he came in distraught because he did not know what to do. Lamoreaux filled up a bag of samples and told him to try offering it to his cats.

“Three days later, he came in and he had tears in his eyes,” she said. “He made me come out from behind the counter and give him a hug and he said, ‘Thank you.’ He’s still a loyal customer.”

Since she loves seeing people care about their pets, she said that coming to Park City has proven to be a great move. Every time she is here, she sees someone out walking their dog. When pet owners come into the store set on keeping their pet healthy, she feels fulfilled.

“You don’t realize what ends people are willing to go to for their pets,” she said. “It makes my heart smile.”

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