Marketplace: New Park City clinic, Precision Chiropractic, has your back |

Marketplace: New Park City clinic, Precision Chiropractic, has your back

Vincent Truong recently opened Precision Chiropractic in Park City. He says he offers treatments that get at the root of problems and improve people s lives for the long-term. (Bubba Brown/Park Record)

When Vincent Truong was 16, he got into a car wreck that changed his life. It gave him whiplash and a concussion and left him with throbbing migraines and decreased energy.

The experience led Truong to medical school, where he hoped to learn the skills that would allow him to help others who had gone through similar physical trauma. But after two years of school, he discovered that he did not want to practice a form of medicine that relies so heavily on administering drugs.

He decided to go back to school to become a chiropractor. After graduating, he worked at a clinic in Seattle, where he again discovered that his career was taking him on a path that wasn’t quite right for him.

That was when he decided to come to Utah to create his own clinic. He recently opened Precision Chiropractic, at 2064 Prospector Ave., following up on the success of another clinic he opened last year in Murray.

"What we do is different than a traditional chiropractor," he said. "You come to a traditional chiropractor, and they have you turn, then crack your neck, then crack it the other way. Then they turn you on your side, crack your back and crack it the other way. Then you’re done. But some chiropractors believe that there’s something more to chiropractic than just twisting and cracking. Because problems come back again and again and we want to figure out why."

Truong has dedicated his practice to finding and fixing the root causes of pain in his patients. One example, he said, is helping a patient with back problems fix their posture, so their pain does not reoccur.

But Truong’s services go deeper even than that.

"We go a little bit more into looking at the energetic and spiritual side of things," he said. "We want to help people realize their potential."

Truong does that by relieving tension in the spine through gentle force. The results can be staggering, he said. He often helps athletes, who are able to improve their performance, but the benefits are clear for people of all activity levels.

He said is even able to relieve the pain of people who struggle with constant migraines, which can be debilitating condition.

"I had migraines for a long time, so I can understand that very well," he said. "So far, every patient with migraines has come in and we’ve done very well. You don’t have to have a drug to get that relief. You just release that tension in the spine. It’s just amazing stuff that we do in here."

More people, Truong said, are seeking out alternative forms of medicine, and the popularity of chiropractic treatment is rising. Park City, especially, has embraced his style of medicine. He opened the clinic here because he had several patients driving from here to Murray.

He said that, while there are times that the kind of treatments given in traditional medical settings are optimal, alternative treatments are staking out a larger piece of territory in the medical field.

"Medical professionals are very great for an emergency — if I have a broken bone, I would not go to a chiropractor," he said. "If I had a cut open, I want stitches right away. But when you are taking medication for chronic (illnesses) or for a long time, that’s when the side effects take over. It makes the body unable to adapt and heal itself, and you become drug-dependent.

"This is for everyone who wants a healthier life who doesn’t want to be dependent on medication," he added. "A lot of people are fine with medication, and that’s OK, but there are a lot of people who don’t want those side effects."

For Truong, the joy in offering chiropractic treatment comes from getting to help others experience something that has made his own life happier.

"It is so rewarding," he said, describing the experience of one woman who was unable to function for years because of migraines until several sessions with Truong eliminated her pain. "This is my joy because I see her children get their mom back. Now she plays with her children and has gone back to school to get a career. It’s a complete turnaround of her life."

Precision Chiropractic

2064 Prospector Ave.


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