Marketplace: PuraVida spreads Aveda philosophy in Park City |

Marketplace: PuraVida spreads Aveda philosophy in Park City

Heather Bigatel, right, recently opened PuraVida Lifestyle Salon & Spa, which features all-natural products from Aveda. She and Jessica Curry, left, the salon's manager, say Parkites will embrace the green products and the high-end experience.
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Heather Bigatel was stunned to discover there was no Aveda hair salon in Park City when she moved here from Pennsylvania three years ago.

A real estate agent by trade, she had no experience in the salon industry. But several years of getting her hair cut and colored at salons that use products from Aveda — a skin and hair care company known for its green, natural philosophy — was enough to convince her there was a business opportunity to be had.

“I was like, ‘That’s just crazy,” she said. “This is such a perfect product for Park City because it’s plant-based, very organic, about as green as you can get for hair color, skin care, body care. The idea struck me, like, ‘Why don’t I do it? Why don’t I open an Aveda salon?”

She contacted representatives from the Minneapolis-based Aveda and what they told her was encouraging. It turned out they had long wanted a salon in Park City that featured their products, she said.

And now they have one.

Bigatel recently opened PuraVida Lifestyle Salon & Spa, which uses and features only Aveda products under a co-branding partnership. She said she’s excited for Parkites to discover what she’s known for years: Aveda salons provide a first-class experience.

“You can get a great haircut and color anywhere in this town,” she said. “But to have the Aveda experience from start to finish is not something you can get anywhere else.”

Jessica Curry has worked at Aveda salons for more than a decade. She is now the manager and master stylist of PuraVida, and she outlined what it is, exactly, that sets the customer experience apart. She said the salon caters to every guest’s individual needs, describing the atmosphere as high end and exclusive.

“I think that’s what Park City likes about this town,” she said. “It’s affordable, but you still get that luxurious experience.”

The salon offers a variety of services, ranging from haircuts to waxing to massages to facials. There is even a barbershop area dedicated for men, who will get a scalp massage, shampoo and steam towel facial with each haircut.

Curry said guests will notice the level of service from the moment they walk in the door.

“Every time the guests come, it’s this customized experience, she said. “That’s one of the reasons I love it. It’s not just about the hair or the massage or the facial, it’s an experience. We really want to embody that.”

Bigatel knows how important salons can be to people. She recalled the times in her life when a trip to the salon was a highlight of her month. She is confident that Parkites will find similar pleasure in visits to PuraVida.

“As a young mom with four kids, I had very little time to get away to the spa,” she said. “So this was my day. It was always my favorite day. And I hope my guests have that same experience when they leave, like, ‘I can’t wait to come back.'”

While tourists will likely patronize the salon, Bigatel envisions it as primarily a place for Parkites. She said there are many people in town who go to Aveda salons in Salt Lake City for haircuts and spa days and are excited to have a new local option. Others, she hopes, will learn about Aveda products through PuraVida and become loyal devotees.

Curry added that the culture, in general, has in recent years embraced the green movement companies such as Aveda have helped usher in. Parkites, in particular, are likely to support the Aveda philosophy, she said.

“Everybody is aware and everybody is thinking, ‘What is going into my skin and what is going on my hair?'” she said. “It’s become a huge importance to everybody, so its been exciting to watch that evolve.”

Bigatel is delighted to spearhead the movement in Park City. Opening the salon, she said, has been a challenging experience, but one she wouldn’t trade.

“I had to learn how to write a business plan, I had to learn how to apply for a business loan, I had to figure out the construction aspect of it,” she said. “It’s been such a journey, and every day of that journey has been so fun. I wake up excited to do it.”

PuraVida Lifestyle Salon & Spa
1182 Center Dr.

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