Marketplace: Solv Signs + Graphics aims to meet Park City’s needs |

Marketplace: Solv Signs + Graphics aims to meet Park City’s needs

Company aims to bring big ideas to life

Liz and Eric Myers are the owners of Solv Signs + Graphics, which provides custom signs and graphic design services. They say their presence means Parkites no longer have to drive to Salt Lake City to fulfill their sign needs.
(Bubba Brown/Park Record)

Liz and Eric Myers saw the sign. It was leading them to a new kind of adventure.

For Eric, it was a chance to work for himself after years of toiling in the world of sales and finance. And their children were growing, meaning it was no longer necessary for Liz to work out of their basement. The timing was perfect.

“It was just time to expand into a real shop,” Liz said.

Together, they started Solv Signs + Graphics, 6430 N. Business Park Loop Road, blending Liz’s graphic design skills and Eric’s background in marketing to create a firm they hope will meet the needs of businesses and organizations throughout Park City.

After opening in the spring, the couple used their connections in town — they have lived in Park City since 2000, and Liz has done design work for a number of businesses and nonprofits — to get the company off the ground. Now, the next challenge is twofold, Eric said: to attract customers that don’t yet know about them, and to expand people’s perceptions of what a company like theirs provides.

“We’re really into that next level of raising awareness of, one, that we exist, and two, what all we can do,” he said. “Because when people think of signs, it’s normally, ‘Oh, I need a banner for this family reunion,’ or something. They don’t realize all the different things we can do.”

The list of offerings, they are quick to point out, is actually quite extensive. The company can make dozens of types of custom signs, ranging from the simple (banners or window decals) to more complex products like neon displays, wall murals, floor graphics and vehicle wraps. One of their more unusual projects, in fact, involved something they’d never previously considered: putting logos on custom treadmill belts.

But the operation also serves as a full-scale graphic design shop. Entrepreneurs can harness Solv Signs + Graphics’ expertise for things like logo creation and branding to give their companies a fresh look and an edge over competitors.

The breadth of services, Eric said, makes the company much more than a simple retail operation, which is what most people conjure when they think of a sign shop.

“If somebody’s coming in like we’re a copy place, saying, ‘Hey, I need this sign by the end of the day,’ that’s not us,” he said. “We make custom designs so we can do that graphic design and marketing side of things.”

Liz and Eric’s goal is to build the company to the point that it’s the first thing Parkites think of when they require any of the services they provide. Currently, they said, Park City residents assume they have to travel to Salt Lake City for sign work, and Liz herself recalled frequent trips down Interstate 80 when she was doing graphic design out of her home.

That’s a pain point they hope to change. Doing so, they said, is just a matter of making Parkites aware that they’re around.

“We’re not there yet but we want to be,” Eric said, adding that one reason they were excited to open in Park City was the loyalty residents show local businesses.

But beyond simply solving a problem, the business is a creative outlet for both Liz and Eric. They are quick to admit that the work they do isn’t art, exactly, but it stimulates that part of their brains. Eric, for instance, feels a rush when he helps create something out of nothing.

“I enjoy starting from scratch when it’s brand new,” he said. “You get to start the whole process. It’s not rocket science. It’s like, ‘OK, who are your customers and what’s important to you?’ You work the process, and then hand it to somebody like Liz and say, ‘All these things we’re thinking about, turn it into something that looks good.’”

For Liz, the customer service aspect is also rewarding. Often, she said, clients will have an idea in their heads, but lack the skills to make it a reality. That’s where she comes in.

“It’s great,” she said, “being able to help them bring their ideas to life.”

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