Marketplace: Summit Medical Concierge aims to fix what’s ailing Park City |

Marketplace: Summit Medical Concierge aims to fix what’s ailing Park City

Mobile clinic provides health care in patients’ homes

Linsey Broadbent recently founded Summit Medical Concierge, a Park City-based company that provides health care services in patients homes. She says the service allows patients to get better, more convenient care than going to a traditional clinic.
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Linsey Broadbent learned her trade during more than 15 years working as a nurse in emergency care.

Over time, however, she began thinking there might be a better way to provide health care than what most of the hospitals or urgent-care centers she’d worked for offered. That’s why she recently founded the Park City-based Summit Medical Concierge. Rather than requiring patients take time out of their day to visit a doctor’s office, the company travels to homes to provide primary care, urgent care and nursing services.

The realization that there was a need for a 21st century version of doctors who make house calls struck Broadbent last year, when she was trying to make appointments for her children to get physical exams. Instead of juggling around her full-time job and schoolwork — she is working on a doctorate degree — to find time to take her children to a doctor’s office, she thought about how easy it would be to have a physician accommodate her schedule.

“What is my time worth at this point?” she said. “Is it worth it for me to take this time off work and shuttle them back and forth, or would I prefer to have a doctor come to my house on a Tuesday night and knock them all out? What would that be worth for me? To me, to be able to go on with my life has a high value.”

Broadbent said one of the most important aspects of Summit Medical Concierge is how much time clinicians can spend with patients. At a typical doctor’s office, a patient may get only a few minutes of face time with a physician. But Summit Medical Concierge’s clinicians are scheduled to be able to spend more than an hour with each patient. She said that’s enough time to answer patients’ questions and ensure they are getting a high level of care focused not only on treating ailments but overall wellness aimed at helping patients stay healthy.

“Five minutes is not enough time to do any education,” she said. “(Normal clinics) are more reactive than proactive. The style of medicine I want to practice is more patient focused. It’s more like the nurse role, where you do a lot of education to make sure your patients understand what’s going on.”

Additionally, the experience is more pleasant for patients because the interaction takes place in the comfort of their homes. That makes it easier for them to discuss delicate health matters with their provider, Broadbent said. Summit Medical Concierge opened in December, and so far patients have typically been tentative at the beginning of appointments because they’re not used to clinicians making home visits but are quickly put at ease.

Several patients have said they’ll never visit a traditional clinic again unless they absolutely have to, she said.

“There’s a lot of research that supports that some patients have actual syndromes — like people who have high blood pressure only in the doctor’s office,” she said. “They may not be able to verbalize, ‘Oh yeah, I’m having a little bit of anxiety.’ But any time you step into a foreign environment like that, you get anxiety.”

Another unique element of Summit Medical Concierge is that health insurance companies don’t foot the bill, Broadbent said. Instead, patients are charged a service fee for the clinician’s time and a separate fee based on the services provided. The cost of a visit typically ranges from $229 to $259, Broadbent said, and estimates are provided before visits so prices don’t catch patients off guard.

“Nowadays, when you go to the doctor and you have insurance, you never know exactly what it’s going to cost you,” she said. “It costs your co-pay, but could be different depending on where you are in the year with your deductible and what your coinsurance is and whether it’s a preferred provider. There’s all these things that are kind of hidden. … With us, it’s pretty simple. Most medical supplies aren’t that expensive, so you’re paying for time and expertise and travel for us to complete the visit.”

Summit Medical Concierge
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