Marketplace: The Rockwell Room gets to work |

Marketplace: The Rockwell Room gets to work

Main Street office space promises a social atmosphere

Scott Thomson created the Rockwell Room, an office space on Main Street he hopes will engender innovation and collaboration among members. He says the space is perfect for entrepreneurs who work from home and would like to get business done while interacting with other Parkites.
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According to Scott Thomson, entrepreneurs who have moved to Park City in recent years and work from home often encounter the same problem.

“A lot of people work from home, or have offices in New York or elsewhere and fly around a lot, and they don’t have a place they can go hang out with other people that are also working,” he said. “The only people that they meet are the parents of kids their kids go to school with. They haven’t been able to meet other people in town who are business owners or entrepreneurs like themselves.”

Thomson, a longtime Parkite who has dealt with the same issue himself, believes he’s found a solution. He recently founded the Rockwell Room, which provides office space and a social atmosphere for people looking to make a few friends while getting work done. The environment, he hopes, will be energizing and spark innovation and collaboration between members.

“It’s not just working — although you can come in here and just grind away,” he said. “You get in here and start to meet people.”

The Rockwell Room, which Thomson describes as a “flex office club,” offers three levels of membership. The lowest, for $350 a month, provides access to the common area office space for 10 days per month. Middle-level members get everyday access, as well as perks like lockers, concierge services and the ability to rent out one of 14 individual offices for $650 a month. The $1,300 top tier offers all of that, plus dedicated private offices that are available 24 hours a day and access to a conference room.

Thomson is hopeful that, regardless of their membership level, clients take advantage of the biggest perk of the space: the other people. The common area features big-screen televisions and couches, and Thomson envisions it as a place where people actually want to spend time while they bang out a few important emails or put the finishing touches on a business deal.

He’s tested the atmosphere himself, working in the space with a few friends and business partners in the lead up to the opening of the Rockwell Room. After that, he’s confident Parkites will embrace the idea.

“I work so many soccer games during the middle of the day, but I’m still getting a lot of stuff done,” he said.

As well as the office space, Thomson has a broad vision for the building the Rockwell Room occupies, at 268 Main Street. Thomson is among the owners of the O.P. Rockwell bar and music venue in the basement of the space, and he plans to put a fast-casual restaurant — or perhaps a music café — in the middle level of the building, with the office space on the top floor, overlooking Main Street.

Thomson’s goal is to have all three floors of the building working with one another to create a unique experience and to serve as a hub in the historic district. He envisions it as the type of place that will draw more locals to the area. Members of the Rockwell Room will be able to attend large-scale events Thomson hopes to bring to the building — such as a series of speakers — and will also get first crack at tickets to certain musical acts coming to O.P. Rockwell.

He is optimistic the building will be the type of environment many Parkites have longed for on Main Street but has never existed.

“I think sometimes the best way to get something done is to bring it out from your own creativity,” he said. “Hopefully it works out.”

For Thomson, who has been crafting the idea for years, the thought of seeing it begin to take shape with the Rockwell Room is exciting.

“It feels like it’s taken forever for this thing to happen, but now that we’re kind of chomping off bits, it feels good that finally this stuff is happening,” he said. “It’s cool to come up here and see the space, the way it looks. I get the same reaction from people: They’re like, ‘Whoa, this is really cool.’”

Rockwell Room
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