Marketplace: Twisted Fern dishes out new flavors in Park City |

Marketplace: Twisted Fern dishes out new flavors in Park City

Restaurant aims for upscale casual experience

Adam Ross and his wife Meisha recently opened Twisted Fern, a restaurant serving upscale food in a casual atmosphere. Ross said he wants people to feel comfortable while dining and leave satisfied.
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It’s a good bet that most culinary connoisseurs in Park City have tasted the work of Adam Ross.

As the chef of Bistro 412 for more than a decade, Ross helped establish the restaurant as a Main Street staple. Now, he’s creating a venture of his own from scratch. Ross and his wife Meisha recently opened Twisted Fern, a restaurant at 1300 Snow Creek Drive that aims to offer upscale dishes in a casual environment.

“I’ve always wanted to open my own spot and the opportunity arose,” he said. “I jumped on it and we’re giving it a try. It’s been a roller coaster for sure. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been stressful. But it’s a really good learning experience.”

Ross started the restaurant with the idea of creating a quality experience in a neighborhood setting — something he said is lacking in Park City, despite the town’s thriving food scene. He envisions it being a spot that caters to all kinds of diners. Because the atmosphere is casual, people can stop by after shredding the ski slopes, or can come in after long day at the office. The aim is to be the type of place where customers don’t feel like they have to dress up to eat.

But since the food is upscale, it’s also an ideal place for things like date night, and hungry patrons won’t feel like they’re scrimping on the dining experience, Meisha Ross said.

“We wanted it to be comfortable, affordable and convenient,” she said. “I think in Salt Lake there’s a lot more places like this, with a good dining experience in more neighborhood settings. We felt like people can ride their bikes here but still get that quality experience and really good food.”

Twisted Fern serves lunch and dinner daily. The menu includes offerings such as Carolina pork, wild mushroom pappardelle pasta, double-cut pork chop and bavette steak. Most of the dishes are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, conforming to Adam Ross’s culinary philosophy of serving fresh, nourishing food that tastes great but won’t wreck a diet.

“I personally feel like everything is best in moderation when it comes to food,” he said. “Having a nice steak is amazing. Do you have to have a 24-ounce rib eye every time you eat a steak? No you don’t. An eight-ounce bavette is perfectly acceptable, and you can eat it and feel satisfied. Then you can go walk home and not have to go immediately take a nap.”

He added that the menu also includes gluten-free and vegetarian options like chicken-fried portabello and barley blend — but he tried to turn them into dishes that anyone would enjoy, regardless of their dietary requirements.

“I want people to order everything just because it sounds good and appetizing, not necessarily because they’re only looking for the vegetarian option,” he said. “Every menu has that one vegetarian option and it’s always the same thing. I didn’t want that.”

Meisha Ross said she is eager for more Parkites to get a taste of her husband’s talents as he branches out after his success at Bistro 412. Twisted Fern has turned out to be the perfect place for him to test his creative ambition.

“The way to create what you want and create the dream job is to create it yourself,” she said. “I think our family was in a place where we had the opportunity to make something happen together and create something that was more reflective of who Adam is and will showcase his talents a little bit more. It was sort of the perfect storm. We’re creating something that is true to us.”

A month in, Parkites seem to be eating it up, Adam Ross said. After putting so much of himself into the restaurant, it’s been encouraging and rewarding to see patrons trying, then returning, to Twisted Fern. He hopes they’ll continue to support the restaurant for years to come.

“It feels good,” he said. “It feels really good.”

Twisted Fern
1300 Snow Creek Drive

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