Mary Jane’s boutique is currently home to a new product |

Mary Jane’s boutique is currently home to a new product

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

Customers wearing their Mirabella designs on Main Street during the Sundance Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Mirabella.

Two years ago, Tina Betrus had a sleepover for one of her four daughters. Before bedtime, they piled their shearling boots in the foyer, and Betrus said she had a difficult time discerning which boots were whose. The next night, her youngest wanted to wear her shearling boots, which were not in good condition she said, with a dress. Her husband made her change into shoes that were not suitable for the cold weather.

That was the inspiration for Mirabella. Betrus said she entered her craft room, hot glued together some fabric and created a patterned cover for her daughters’ shearling boots, an accessory that could fix both problems, fashion and function.

"It was designed with a certain goal in mind, for every girl and every woman to be an individual, but at the same time, be on point with fashion and be in the mold of what we consider trends," Betrus said.

Lori Harris, the owner of the Mary Jane’s boutique on Main Street, said Betrus contacted her and asked if Betrus could display and sell her designs during the Sundance Film Festival.

"She thought Sundance would be a great time to promote her product, and she knew we sold all sorts of boots," Harris said. "I had not heard about Mirabella, so I looked into the product. While it originated as a design for shearling boots, they can be used for lots of other kinds of boots as well."

Harris said they came to an agreement during the film festival, and customers have been buying the product in great numbers. Mary Jane’s had sold out of half the product she supplied as of Thursday, according to Betrus. She said her target demographic ranges from teenagers to women in their 30s and 40s, which made Mary Jane’s the perfect spot for her product.

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"The reason I picked Mirabella as the name is because it means ‘be beautiful,’ so I spell it ‘be beyoutiful,’ to stress that young women should feel empowered by being themselves," Betrus said.

The accessories are reversible, and Betrus said one side is "safe" while the other is "funky." They are sold in two styles: "skinnies" and "slouchies." The skinnies are tighter for the shaft of the boot while the slouchies more closely resemble leg warmers.

"Something you don’t see a lot of are accessories for shoes, so I liked that [the product] was something unique and different," Harris said. "So far there has been a positive response, and it has been a really good experience."

Mirabella products can be found online at or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. They also have a Sundance promotion that will extend past Sunday, which is a free Mirabella Girl Gift Pack with any online purchase using the promotion code: PARK CITY.