Mobile dog-grooming service expands |

Mobile dog-grooming service expands

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record
Michelle Poe, a full-time groomer with Groomin' on the Go, trims Callie s face while Charlie, left, waits to be high-velocity blow-dried after his bath. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.

Sarah was an Australian Shepherd, a "shedding beast," and Jessie Bost’s best friend for 12 years. When Bost graduated from the University of Utah in 2005, unsure of what career path to take, she found inspiration in her beloved pet. Although Sarah died last year, she is immortalized in the official logo for "Groomin’ on the Go," a mobile dog-grooming business that in nine years has grown from one groomer and one mobile salon to three full-time groomers and two mobile salons.

"I really liked working with my dog, and even though she shed a lot, I didn’t want to shave her. I knew there had to be a better way," Bost said. "So as I kind of explored how to take care of my own dog, I kind of stumbled into grooming and the niche of mobile grooming specifically."

After riding along with Karen Snyder, former owner of Park City Mobile Grooming, Bost decided she wanted to go into the business. Snyder – who now owns Waggin’ Tails dog-walking service – got Bost in touch with Lisa Houston, who owned a dog-grooming salon in Heber at the time. Bost apprenticed with her for 350 hours before "graduating," buying her first mobile dog-grooming salon and beginning her business.

"I really enjoy the people aspect. Even though we groom the dogs, it’s a people business," she said. "The dogs are a big part of it, but it’s the families and their children and getting to know them and earning their trust and friendship that has really been an off-shoot of the business."

For nine years, Bost has served the community of Park City by grooming people’s pets wherever they need her to show up. She said she can stop by their house, office or favorite coffee shop while they’re on a break.

The vehicles, a 2005 Ford van and a 2002 Dodge van, are fully equipped mobile dog-grooming salons with generators, water heaters, air conditioning and heating, and fresh water and gray water tanks. Every dog receives a shampoo and conditioning treatment, high-velocity blow-drying, de-shedding treatment, nail cutting, ear cleaning, gland expelling, tooth exam and a thorough brush-out with finishing spray.

From there, Bost said they offer basic trims all the way to hand-scissor continental clips for poodles. While no one has requested a dye job for their dog, Bost said she is willing to try anything.

"My signature cut is called the ‘Park City cut,’ and it’s really short on the belly, feet and haunches but breed-standard everywhere else," she added. "What that does is it helps keep all the dirt, burrs and snow out of the dog’s hair while still looking like the breed the owner wants it to look like."

Now that Bost has two other full-time groomers, she said there are a combined 36 years of experience dog-grooming between the three of them. They have all gone through behaviorism training to be able to handle the dogs properly while they are getting groomed as well as minor veterinarian technician training to keep track of "bumps and lumps."

"We have gone through that training so we can let a client know, ‘Hey, keep an eye on this,’ or ‘You may need to see your vet,’" Bost said. "We want to help our clients with overall care and be the full-service mobile grooming salon for the community."

The official expansion and grand re-opening of the mobile business is April 21, and the phone lines are open for booking appointments for that day on. The first appointment available is at 9 a.m., and they book until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

With three groomers and two mobile salons, Bost is confident she will be able to serve more clients more often and in more areas. "We’re really excited for the new horizons and what we can offer, like more appointment availability and more flexibility with current clients," she said.

Groomin’ on the Go:

  • 1687 Village Round Dr.
  • 435-658-5205
  • Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

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