Molly Blooms restaurant gets back to Irish roots |

Molly Blooms restaurant gets back to Irish roots

After changes, gastropub celebrates grand reopening

Megan Slack is the general manager of Molly Blooms, an Irish gastropub in Kimball Junction. The restaurant has undergone several changes in recent weeks, ranging from getting a new layout to a revamped menu, and Slack is eager for more Parkites to see the difference for themselves.
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Molly Blooms is returning to its Irish roots.

The Kimball Junction restaurant in recent weeks has undergone a number of changes, from a reimagining of the layout, to a revamp of the menu. While the restaurant remained open during the process, the new look was set to be unveiled officially at a grand reopening event Friday, April 28.

Megan Slack, Molly Blooms’ general manager, said the moves are designed to reinvigorate the eatery, which has long been a mainstay of the area’s dining scene.

“Change has been a very good thing for us,” she said. “We wanted to reestablish ourselves and get the word out there.”

The biggest change hungry Parkites will notice when they walk in is the new layout. Booths that were previously in the middle of the dining area are now tucked in the corner. Standalone tables now line the space on the same off-center angle as the bar, which Slack said provides the area with a better flow and better acoustics for the music stage. The walls have also been painted, giving the restaurant a fresh vibe.

Diners will also note alterations to the menu. Slack said the most prominent are new vegan options, shepherd’s pie that includes the traditional lamb, nachos with potatoes and the return of an Irish pub staple: corn beef and cabbage.

“Being a gastropub and all, it was almost a weird feel in here (before),” she said. “We wanted to embrace our past and get back to the pub style a little bit. We kept a lot of the same things customers are used to seeing on our menu — we don’t want to completely throw it out — but wanted to change it up a little bit.

“When someone walks into an Irish gastropub and there’s coconut chicken curry, it’s kind of a weird thing,” she added. “People aren’t expecting to see that. So we’re just going back to those pub food staples. It’s who we are, and we need to be who we are.”

Additionally, Molly Blooms is expanding its entertainment options. As well as offering live music several times through the week, the restaurant has added a monthly comedy show and will also hold regular open-mic nights for diners. All are kid-friendly, so Parkites can bring their whole families.

“We want to appeal to the working class of Park City, which isn’t cheap to live in,” she said, adding that most of the restaurant’s kids’ meals cost about $5. “They work hard to live here, and they want to be able to go out without spending $10 on a kid’s meal for five kids. They want to enjoy it without having to break the bank.”

The changes were in the works for months, and many staff members helped revamp the space during nights when the restaurant was closed. While Molly Blooms has been serving patrons throughout the process — and has seen an uptick in business — the employees were excited for more people from the community to get a look during the reopening event that was scheduled for Friday.

“We were looking at pictures of what it used to look like, and we were like, ‘Oh my God, we used to work here?’” Slack said, adding that new flooring and tables will be added in the fall shoulder season. “It was just crazy, seeing the night and day change after just a little bit of cosmetic improvements.

“Friday is definitely going to be crazy,” she added. “It’s going to be a really good vibe, and it will be a good chance to bring in some people who don’t necessarily know Molly Blooms or haven’t heard of us.”

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