New accountant gears up for new community |

New accountant gears up for new community

Steven Bowers opened a new certified public accounting business, S.G. Bowers & Company, in Park City. (Gina Barker/Park Record)

It was the day after Christmas, the day Steven Bowers and his wife picked up their three children from Baton, Florida and moved the family to Park City. After years of visiting the mountain slopes, he and his wife decided to make the move, from beach front to mountainside, starting his brand new certified public accounting business, S.G. Bowers & Company.

Though he offers the traditional tax services, Bowers said he really likes to work with clients year round, helping to implement business strategies that will save come tax season. Whether it is staffing issues, payroll accounts, incorporating a business or setting up compliances, Bowers covers the day-to-day and getting started. Bowers sets up systems to track sales and business, analyzing those numbers, where he can work one-on-one to create an individualized plan for every client.

"You cannot do what they guy next door is doing," Bowers said. "Everyone’s situation is different. You have to figure out what you are doing and strategize on how to make your situation, your life, your finances the best for you."

And he has worked with a gamut of businesses, from a reality show hair salon to airline pilots to real estate agents. In Park City, he is hoping to work with those running small businesses, such as real estate agents, to get the most out of their returns while still keeping an eye out for those legislative changes, tax codes and employer laws so many businesses may miss.

"If you come to me on January 1, I am just filling out forms," Bowers said. "If you talk to me throughout the year, we can work together to minimize your tax burden, and there are no surprises.

" I think business owners should be focusing on what they do best, their business. having an outside accountant come in and assist you, businesses can stay on top on all these changes, figure out what they are paying for and what to watch out for. It is about educating business owners."

For more than a year, Bowers had discussed making the move, whether it was the right thing to do, whether it would be the best thing for his children. Last year, during the annual trip to Utah, he took his daughter skiing for the first time. In her enthusiasm, he realized he was making the right call.

"We were in South Florida, and I was on the fast track," Bowers said. "My career was taking off. But it is not always about the money. The influence on the kids down there, it’s too great. They grow up too fast. We didn’t know who are neighbors were, and the sense of community was just not there."

"Getting here, this felt like home," he added. "It felt like the right decision."

Despite the dramatic shift in climate and culture, Bowers said the family is already getting a firsthand experience of the town, catching their first glimpse of a moose wandering through their backyard only two weeks ago.

"Seeing my kids embrace it here, that makes this whole move possible," Bowers said. "It is amazing being here."

But now he is facing any newcomer’s greatest challenge, getting to know a tight-knit community. In the process of attending meetings, joining local organizations and getting to know his neighbors, Bowers is already on track to get his business rolling, and with tax season beginning he is hoping to make more connections.

S.G. Bowers & Company

1909 Roffe Road


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