New bike shop to take Junction by storm |

New bike shop to take Junction by storm

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record

Juan Patterson, left, and Todd Henneman are preparing to open Storm Cycles with their business partner, Rob Hibl. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.

The ski season is coming to a close in just over a month, and Rob Hibl is looking forward to being able to partake in one of Park City’s most popular spring and summer recreational activities: biking. Hibl and two of his fellow biking enthusiast friends, Juan Patterson and Todd Henneman, are preparing for both the season and the opening of their new bike shop.

"I prefer mountain biking to road biking, but I will do anything that gets me out there on the pedals," Hibl said. "I’m a coffee geek at heart, but I’m also a bike geek. I just like biking, and I like being around it."

Hibl, Henneman, Patterson and his wife Lauri combined their passions for cycling to open Storm Cycles, a bicycle apparel and parts shop at Kimball Junction next door to Hibl’s coffee shop, Park City Coffee Roasters.

The local business owners discussed the idea of opening a bike shop for several years due to their extensive backgrounds in biking, from enjoying it as a pastime to racing to mechanics.

Henneman raced off-road motorcycles in the 1970s and 1980s before switching to mountain and road biking after several injuries. He moved to Park City in 1989 and has been involved in the cycling community ever since.

"I pretty much trained myself [in mechanics] hands-on and have done it in a shop for 24 years and another seven or eight years before that on my own," Henneman said. "If people walk in with a bike from 1990, I’ll recognize the parts, because I worked on those bikes. Being involved in the industry for as long as I have is a plus when opening a new shop like this."

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Patterson began working on bikes when he was "knee-high" and started BMX racing in high school. He said he abandoned his love for cycling for years as a young adult and came back into the sport when mountain biking began to gain traction.

"I fell back in love with cycling, and I’ve been cycling and working in the industry for over 20 years now," he said. "I just can’t leave it alone. I love it."

Hibl met Patterson 10 years ago when he moved in next door. Through common interests in skiing and biking, they became friends and met Henneman when Patterson began working at Jan’s eight years ago. Henneman worked as lead bike manager at Jan’s in Park City for 24 years before partnering with Hibl and Patterson to open Storm Cycles.

The three bikers brainstormed which bike and apparel lines they would carry in their store and made final decisions on men’s and women’s lines by four different companies. Danny Shane is a line out of Austin, Texas that Henneman said will be brand new to Park City.

"It’s high-end apparel, and it’s a new, refreshing look that no one around here has ever really seen before," he said. "It’s pretty eye-catching."

They will also feature Gore, a full clothing line from windproof and weatherproof jackets to mountain and road biking jerseys, and Zoic, a mountain-specific line. Cannondale is a bike brand they will carry that also has an apparel line.

Storm Cycles will sell Cannondale, Pivot and Salsa bicycles. Henneman said Pivot is a fairly new brand, only about six years old, and they are mountain bike-specific. Salsa makes "fat bikes," which Henneman said are popular in the winter given their ability to ride well on packed snow.

Patterson said they chose to sell Cannondale, because the brand features everything from kids’ bikes to multi-faceted bikes for adults. The three brands were chosen in order to provide a wide array for the large biking community in town.

"We want to cover it all, so we’ll have road bikes, several different styles of mountain bikes, kids’ bikes and comfort bikes, which go into a couple of categories," Hibl said. "They could be used for anything from a cruise on a paved road or gravel path to using it to commute to work."

Henneman said he will help fit customers to the right frame size, and he and Patterson will repair bikes in the back of the store. Hibl added that they will offer to wash off muddy bikes in the sealed off shower by the fitting and repair area.

"We want to open a bike shop driven by service and quality products," Hibl said. "With great service and great people, customers will return over and over again. We are also not going to have any low-quality products in here, so putting those two things together with a local group of people starting the business, I feel like it’s a win-win."

The shop will have a soft opening the first week of March, and they are planning a grand opening when the ski season comes to a close. Hibl said they plan on being open daily but hope to close a little bit early on Sundays.

"We might only go 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Sundays and cut it a little bit short, just so we can go out and play as well," Patterson said, smiling.

Storm Cycles also plans on selling Nordic ski gear and apparel during the winter season.

Storm Cycles:

  • 1680 W. Ute Blvd.
  • 435-200-9120
  • Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.