New Board of Realtors CEO is bullish on Park City |

New Board of Realtors CEO is bullish on Park City

Terry Nolan, the new CEO of the Park City Board of Realtors, says the job description of a real estate agent is changing. Agents in Park City, once keepers of the data, must now provide an added level of service. (Bubba Brown/Park Record)

Terry Nolan has been a Realtor in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado, and has come to thrive on the vitality surging through ski towns. That’s one reason he was eager to be considered when the Park City Board of Realtors began searching for a new CEO.

"I love that energy," he said.

The other reason? He said he wanted to part of a Board that has an "excellent reputation" both statewide and nationally and that is home to a dedicated staff and knowledgeable Realtors.

"It was a fairly easy transition to come out here," said Nolan, whose first official day on the job was Monday. "Park City is an exciting place, with a lot going on. It’s a neat place to be and I want to be part of it."

Nolan, who previously was part of the Vail Board of Realtors and most recently served as its chair, is excited about the possibilities the real estate market here offers. Despite low inventory, which can make it challenging to find properties for clients, the market is active. And he is hopeful that new development and construction will bolster the area, helping push the effects of the recession further into the rear-view mirror.

"The market itself is pretty healthy," he said.

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But it is also a period of transition for the real estate industry. A large part of his work will be centered on helping Realtors understand where the industry is headed and how to adapt.

Nolan views altering the description of what Realtors are as essential. The rise of the Internet means they are no longer the keepers of the data — "That horse left the barn a while back." Agents now must become trusted advisers to their clients and provide services they can’t get anywhere else, offering them expert insight into a complicated market.

"This whole world of selling real estate is going through a very rapid change," he said. "Technology is a large part of that, but we also have some challenges from the syndication — the Zillows, the Trulias, the companies that really want to participate in the commission structure. There are a lot of winds of change on the horizon. The stronger the Board is, the better able we are to help Realtors adjust to the changes out there."

Fortunately for agents and clients in Park City, Nolan said, the Board has already been doing a good job of providing those tools. Nolan sees his responsibility as following the direction of the Board’s leadership team to "tune up" the organization rather than overhaul it.

"The volunteer leadership provides the navigation, so they kind of tell us where we’re going," he said. "But the captain of the ship is responsible for all the systems that we have available for Realtors to help them do their jobs. The bottom line is we support the Realtor community."

Nolan said the Realtor community in Park City is engaged and demonstrates high levels of community service. He is aiming to build on the success of his predecessors to make sure it remains that way for years to come, as Park City becomes an even more sought-after destination.

"The thing that personally mean a lot to me is professionalism and making sure we’re professional with how we deal with our membership and the public," he said. "We want to be providing that highest level of service that we possibly can and ensuring that we as a staff are at the leading edge of technology and what’s going on in the real estate world."