New orthodontist in town leaves patients smiling |

New orthodontist in town leaves patients smiling

It was a simple smile that changed Dr. Gregory Carr’s life.

He was a 23-year-old college student with a gap in his teeth and ambitions of being a dentist when he got braces, a decision that sent ripples into his future. He looked in the mirror and smiled when he got them off, seeing something he’d never seen in himself before. His teeth were perfectly aligned, his smile vibrant. Dreams of dentistry shifted slightly, as he realized that orthodontics was where his true passion lay.

"Every time I brushed my teeth, I’d see my teeth were straight," he said. "I loved smiling, whereas before I didn’t. I saw how it changes how you live life, really. When you have a nice smile, it changes your personality a little bit. You want to smile more and have more confidence in how you look. I think that helps you a lot in life."

Carr realized his dream in 2011 when he began training in orthodontics in St. Louis. And after working in practices in southern California and various areas of northern Utah, he has taken it one step further. In August, he opened up his own practice, Orthodontics Specialists of Park City. It is currently housed in the Park City Dental Spa, at 1526 Ute Blvd., but Carr hopes to have his own place in the same building by next summer.

Opening an orthodontics office was a bit daunting at first. But the benefits of being in charge have been well worth it.

"It’s a huge leap," he said. "It’s a lot of work but it’s exciting. It’s fun because I can do everything my way, how I want it done."

Business has boomed so far, he said, with many people learning about him when they come for dental work at Park City Dental Spa. He has barely had time to rest.

"We are seeing a lot of new patients," he said. "A lot of people are really excited to have another option here in Park City for their orthodontic care. It’s been awesome."

Carr said that how he treats his patients is the most important aspect of his practice. He finds pleasure in forming relationships with them and makes an earnest effort to do what’s in their best interest.

"Sometimes you get an orthodontist where they want to start kids too early because they don’t want to lose the client," he said. "But I do orthodontics because I love it. My belief is if you do what’s right for the patient, everything is going to work out. When I work on a patient, I ask myself what I would do if it was my mom or my child."

Also key is the privacy he offers. While he says many orthodontic offices treat their patients in one open room, he sees them in private rooms, where he can foster a better one-on-one dynamic. That’s particularly important for the parents of children he treats.

"It’s going to be me and them talking about their kid, with no one else around," he said. "If a kid is having a hard time brushing his teeth, and I let the parents know he needs to improve, no one is going to be embarrassed. Parents can see this is a great environment."

The best part of Carr’s job — the true reason he’s so passionate about it — is giving patients the same experience as he had when he was 23. A new smile made him a new person, and he loves watching the same transformation take place in others.

"We see some crazy teeth that come in here," he said. "It’s so rewarding to see kids come in here, who when I ask them to smile, they don’t want to. Even within a few months, kids come in, like, ‘Dr. Carr, look at my teeth! They’re straightening up!’"

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