New Park City InstaCare has patients, doctors feeling chipper |

New Park City InstaCare has patients, doctors feeling chipper

Intermountain Healthcare facility replaces longtime Bonanza Park location

Cameron Conner, left, is the practice administrator of the new Intermountain Healthcare Park City InstaCare on Sidewinder Drive. Conner and Michael Rogowski, a doctor at the clinic, say the facility is a clear notch above its predecessor in Bonanza Park.
(Bubba Brown/Park Record)

For Michael Rogowski, the difference is night and day.

He is a doctor at the recently opened Park City InstaCare at 1750 Sidewinder Drive. It replaced the longtime Intermountain Healthcare clinic in Bonanza Park and Rogowski, who has worked at both facilities, said the center was well worth the investment.

“Oh my God, it’s awesome,” he said. “The facility is beautiful. It’s top notch.”

Work began on the InstaCare last year and was completed this spring. The clinic, which operates daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and doesn’t require appointments, provides the same services as the Bonanza Park center it replaced, but boasts a number of features that have impressed both staff members and patients, alike, said Cameron Conner, the facility’s practice administrator. The 6,500-square-foot center was designed specifically to operate in an active tourist town, for instance, meaning there are accommodations to better treat people who come in with injuries from activities like skiing and mountain biking.

Additionally, the clinic offers spacious treatment rooms whose layouts were specially designed for optimal flow and patient privacy and a large waiting area flooded with natural light. Wood accents and mountain-themed photos throughout the clinic give it much more of a Park City feel than its predecessor.

“It’s more space and better-utilized space,” Conner said. “… And I think it’s more even and efficient.”

Another amenity patients will notice is actually underneath the clinic. Conner said the private underground parking garage makes the overall experience much smoother for patients because they’ll no longer have to fight for parking on busy days with patrons from the Maverik convenience store and other shops in Bonanza Park.

Overall, Conner said, the reaction from patients has been enthusiastic.

“A lot of them have spoken directly about the building itself and how it’s so much more open with a lot more light,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve gotten one complaint. It’s all been very complimentary.”

The new clinic has given employees, too, plenty of reason to be happy. Rogowski said that everything from the light to the layout has made it an optimal place to work. Most importantly, a consolidated staff area allows for collaboration among physicians and other employees. That’s in contrast to the Bonanza Park space, whose layout spread employees throughout the clinic.

“You come in and it’s just great,” he said. “The staff is comfortable and there’s a much better vibe all around. … You look over your desk and it’s like, ‘Here’s what we need to do with the patient.’ But also, it’s ‘Hey, how was your weekend? How was your kid’s ballgame?’ Because you’ve got to work together as a team. That’s the only way for this to work.”

After its April open, the clinic has been busy. But Conner acknowledges the new digs won’t truly be tested until the winter. He’s looking forward to see how it performs under the stress load of a typical day during ski season.

“Fortunately for us, we’ve been able to do a long test run to get the flow down before that winter season comes up and we start seeing more patients,” he said. “But we think, based on what we see now and what we’re experiencing, it’s going to be very fluid.”

He added that Intermountain Healthcare envisions the clinic being an important fixture for the community for years to come.

“It was important for us because the older building was a bit tired,” he said. “We wanted to come in to a new space that was up to date and modern and would allow us to provide a more comfortable and more private experience for patients.”

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