Orangethoery Fitness’s high-intensity heart rate training comes to Park City |

Orangethoery Fitness’s high-intensity heart rate training comes to Park City

Jill and Lucas Sanchez own Orangetheory Fitness in Redstone and say the workouts the center offers have long-lasting benefits that continue well after members leave the gym. (Bubba Brown/Park Record)

Jill and Lucas Sanchez were running a fitness center Oklahoma when they were first approached with the idea.

A friend had been working out at an Orangetheory Fitness and had become a believer. What if they moved back to Park City, Lucas’s hometown, and opened an Orangetheory Fitness of their own? They began researching the style of high-intensity heart rate training the gym specializes in.

"The next thing you know, I’m just like, ‘Wow, this is amazing,’" he said.

They didn’t wait to strike at the opportunity.

"In a two-week period, we quit our jobs, sold our house, had a baby and moved across the country," Jill said. "We didn’t know any better, so we just did it."

Just more than two years later, after opening a location in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, the Sanchez’s have reached their goal and brought Orangetheory to Park City. They say Parkites have flocked to Salt Lake to try the Orangetheory style of workout and have been eagerly anticipating a location nearby.

"People are so excited for us to be here," Lucas said. "I mean, we have people who have been driving to our Trolley Square location for five or six months just because they love the workout so much."

The Orangetheory workout is designed to push people to reach 84 to 91 percent of their maximum heart rate, called the orange zone. The goal is for a person to spend 12 or more minutes of their 60-minute workout in the orange zone — or the even more strenuous red zone. The workout, which consists of running on a treadmill, using a water rowing machine and lifting weights, typically burns 400 to 700 calories for women and 500 to 1,000 calories for men.

But the special thing about the workout, Lucas said, is that reaching 12 minutes in the orange zone creates what’s known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. In short, that means the benefits of the workout don’t stop when you climb off the treadmill and walk out of the door.

"It depletes your body of its ability to build oxygen," he said. "So what happens is your metabolism increases to get you back to that state. And it lasts for up to 36 hours after the workout. So that’s why we recommend people only come to workout three to four times a week."

Jill added that people don’t have to push themselves to the absolute max for the entire workout. That’s one of the most common misconceptions about the workout.

"For the hour, you’re not up here, training in orange and red for the entire time," she said. "You get up into the orange and red, then have some recovery and you build up to it."

The workout is effective for people of all fitness levels because it’s based off each individual’s maximum heart rate, Lucas said. Television screens allow people to monitor their heart rate zones while they exercise, and the trained coaches know how to push them to the next level, and get them to pull back, when needed.

Additionally, members get access to print outs after each workout that show their heart rate data. They also get access to an app that tracks their progress and allows them to use a heart rate monitor to include exercise that happens out of the gym, such as skiing.

"You can see a progression of how you’re doing and how you have to work harder to get into the orange zone because your heart is healthier," Jill said.

Month-to-month memberships are available at various price points based on the number of workouts members intend to do. The smallest packages include four workouts, while the largest one gives access to an unlimited number.

Lucas said it doesn’t take long for people to notice a change in themselves after becoming members, both physically and mentally. Witnessing the transformations is his favorite part of the job.

"You see some people come in here, and they look down and don’t look happy — then three months down the road, you just see a completely different glow in their face," he said. "They’re so energetic and so happy. And they look forward to coming here."

Orangetheory Fitness

1678 West Redstone Center Drive


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