Park City company continues fight against cord clutter |

Park City company continues fight against cord clutter

Bubba Brown

It’s a problem with which many people are familiar.

All too often, unwieldy cords end up in a tangled mess underneath the desk. But Recoil, a Park City-based company that aims to fight cord clutter, thinks it’s solved the problem.

The company, which rolled out a line of winders that organize things such as headphone cords, recently developed a new product, dubbed the Recoil Power Maze. The product allows users to organize and enclose cords — and their power bricks — in a small box.

"It seems like it’s a problem that’s touching a nerve with people, and we’re expecting big things with this one," said David Alden, who founded the company. "Our ambitions are to be a very wide-reaching cord management company," Alden said. "We want to address tangled and disorganized cords wherever they are because they’re everywhere."

The process of creating the power maze was long and difficult. But eventually, Alden pared it down to the simplest design, which also proved to be the most elegant, he said.

"We’ve been through probably 40 different iterations of this product and approaches to cleaning up that mess," he said. "We tried a lot of approaches, but it’s a very difficult task to manage such a wide variety of cord thicknesses and cord styles."

To cover the initial costs of the product, Recoil is launching a campaign on Kickstarter, a website that allows the public to crowdfund companies. Alden said the campaign is set to launch Monday, with a goal of raising $40,000. For information on how to contribute to the campaign, visit

"We’re grateful for all the support we get," Alden said.