Park City native’s book aims to help couples manage the tough talks |

Park City native’s book aims to help couples manage the tough talks

‘Very Engaging’ provides a guide through topics like money and family

The idea came from personal experience.

Charly Ligety was participating in premarital counseling in Park City with his fiancé. Les Starck was recently married. Both were grappling with how best to talk to their significant others about important topics like money, family and living together.

“We saw an opportunity to make the whole process of getting to know your partner a lot more fun,” said Ligety, who grew up in Park City and graduated from the Winter Sports School.

The duo wrote “Very Engaging,” a pair of guidebooks designed to help couples navigate difficult conversations in a fun, interactive way. The books, which come in a set of two for him and her — packages for same-sex couples are also available — guide couples through 12 chapters covering topics like having children, sex, chores and saving money.

“Very Engaging” is currently available on Kickstarter, where Ligety and Starck started a campaign set to end Saturday, Aug. 26, to fund production of the book.

Ligety said that, by approaching the conversations in a relaxed, informal way, it’s easier to get to the heart of the issue, ultimately strengthening relationships. He added that he and Starck tested the book extensively with their significant others, to encouraging results.

“We’re not trying to replace premarital counseling or anything like that,” he said. “… But this gives you the ability to practice on your own. You can put your phones away. The book creates a very non-digital experience where, using paper and pencils, you can view your partner through the book.”

For more information about the book, visit and search “Very Engaging.”

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