Park City notches more accolades |

Park City notches more accolades

For Bill Malone, president and CEO of the Park City Chamber/Bureau, it’s always a good day when news of another accolade for Park City comes across his desk.

It seems he’s having an awful lot of good days lately. Recently, Condé Nast Traveler, an influential travel publication, named Park City the No. 3 Best Small City in the U.S. This comes after the publication tabbed Park City as the friendliest city in America in August.

"Most everyone likes to live in places that are recognized as great places," Malone said. "There’s a certain amount of civic pride that comes with third-party endorsements of where you either live or play or run your business. I think we’re always pleased when people recognize what a great place this is."

But more than civic pride, the recognition can make a difference for local businesses. Malone said publications such as Condé Nast have significant influence on their readers. An endorsement from the publications can send people flocking to town.

"I think people who follow Condé Nast and are loyal customers of their products recognize that when there are endorsements or accolades put upon destinations, a lot of times it makes them put it from the to-do list to the to-done list," he said. "There is value in that."

The Chamber/Bureau lobbies for some recognitions, such as when magazines have online polls asking readers to vote for their favorite cities. For those, the Chamber/Bureau will occasionally encourage the local business community to hit the polls. But other accolades come more organically, Malone said.

"For the most part, the ones that come from places like Condé Nast come from their readers, and we’re really not influencing that at all," he said. "Many times, we’re surprised by these. And we’re always thrilled to get them."

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