Park City orthodontists brace for big smiles |

Park City orthodontists brace for big smiles

Bubba Brown

Orthodontist Juliana Miller admits that nearly every patient she sees has one thing on their mind during their visits: getting their braces off.

But that’s the thing. As much as her patients want their smiles fixed, Miller looks forward to the day the braces are gone nearly as much. She loves seeing patients’ confidence instantly rise as they show off their new smiles. For Miller, that’s the best part of the job.

"When you take their braces off, you can see it immediately," she said. "They stand up taller, they feel better, they smile bigger. It’s a huge deal. And that’s a great feeling for me. My favorite day is when the braces come off."

Miller and her husband Bob recently moved to town from Virginia and opened Miller Orthodontics, at 1389 Center Drive at Newpark. They say their commitment to providing a first-class experience is what sets them apart. They want to form personal relationships with patients to create an environment people enjoy visiting.

"It becomes, like, this huge family environment," Juliana Miller said. "We want people to enjoy the experience and not be like, ‘Ugh, I have to have braces.’ It’s a great experience and they leave with a great smile and feel good about themselves."

One of the Millers’ primary tenets is tailoring treatment to the patients. Just as every patient is different, so is the approach the Millers take to fixing their teeth. That variety is a big reason they are still passionate about orthodontics after several decades in the field.

"It’s totally patient-dependent," Miller said. "We don’t have one that’s exactly what we do because every patient is different. And that’s kind of the beauty of what we do. Because even after our 40-something combined years in the field, we still have patients that are fun. We still go home and ask, ‘Hey, what do you think about this?’"

Maximizing the quality of care Miller Orthodontics provides is some of the latest technology in the field. Their 3-D imaging machine takes x-rays with the lowest levels of radiation of any machine currently on the market. And 3-D scanning allows the Millers to render diagnostic models of patients’ teeth and fabricate devices for them. While Juliana excels at making the patient experience top-notch, it is Bob who ensures the practice stays atop trends in technology.

"We have such drive for this," Juliana Miller said. "He’s so driven on the technology side, and I’m so passionate about everything we do. And we offer the experience to back up what we can do."

The Millers are hoping to replicate the practice they had in Virginia — one they say developed a loyal customer base. They decided to move and start over with a new practice to begin a new chapter in their lives.

"We were just too busy in Virginia," Juliana said. "We just weren’t raising the kids the way we wanted to, so we decided to take a leap of faith and start over."

Added Bob: "We created a really great brand in Virginia. But that’s not where we wanted to live. We’re just trying to bring that brand here. We want to make it a real fun experience and do quality work."

Years ago, Bob had a practice in Park City. And when it came time to pick a new home, the Millers had fond memories of their time in town. Park City was among the first areas they considered.

"We knew we wanted a ski town," Juliana Miller said. "When it was time to look, Park City was at the top of the list. We came and visited and our boys were like, ‘We love it here.’ We felt like everything pointed us to here."

The Millers moved in August and started seeing patients two weeks ago. And Park City already feels like home. s

"We already have a couple of patients running around with our braces on," Miller said. "We just want to have a positive influence and be a part of the community."

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