Park City pizzeria serves up slices of NYC |

Park City pizzeria serves up slices of NYC

Say this for Josh Devenport, owner of the new Este Pizzeria: The man is confident in his ability to make a delicious pie.

Don’t believe him? Well, he’s got a challenge for you.

"I dare anyone to come try it," he said. "Anyone who tries it once, that’s all they need. They’ll be a return customer. I’m sure of it."

The pizzeria opened just more than two weeks ago, at 1781 Sidewinder Drive. It is the third Este Pizzeria location — the others are in downtown Salt Lake City and Sugarhouse — and Devenport said it brings something that has been missing from Park City: true New York-style pizza.

"It’s authentic," said Devenport, who owns just the Park City location. "There are a few others in the area that are kind of similar, but I’ve tried them and this is the most authentic. We hand-toss all of our pies and make all of our own sauces and dough and things like that."

Devenport’s journey to owning his own pizzeria is one he never saw coming when he applied to work at one of the other Este locations. But in the six years since, making pizzas has become his trade. So he snatched up the opportunity to open a location in Park City when it arose.

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"This is what I know the best," he said. "I’ve spent a lot of years making pizza. I understand it and I’m good at it. It just made sense."

The goal was to open the pizzeria in September or October. But setbacks pushed the opening to December, right before skiers and snowboarders and other tourists start to flood the town each year.

"We’ve been trying for over a year to make this happen, but with getting loans and doing all the things the city wants you to do to pass all the inspections and that stuff, it took a while," Devenport said. "It kind of came together right before the busy season.

"We’re jumping right in. This weekend especially, people were starting to get into town. We’re excited."

Business has been good so far, with plenty of customers leaving pleased — and full — Devenport said.

"I hope people aren’t just telling me what I want to hear," he said, laughing.

The fact there are two other well-established locations has helped the pizzeria get off the ground. Many people have come in who already are familiar with Este’s pizza. They are excited that there is finally a local location.

"There have been a lot of people over the years who have gone to both of our other locations and asked, ‘When are you going to be in Park City?’" Devenport said. "It definitely does help, already being established. The recipes are established, too, so it’s pretty easy to work through the kinks in a new place when you already know how it’s supposed to go."

Apart from the authentic New York style, Devenport said another aspect that sets Este Pizzeria apart is the ingredients it uses. Everything is fresh, from the dough to the toppings.

"I think you can tell when you try it," he said. "We don’t use any of the prepackaged frozen stuff, like a lot of the other pizzerias do."

The pizzeria also has a beer menu and a bar, with table seating, as well.

If the pizzeria is a success in four or five years, Devenport said he might expand to other locations, such as Heber. For now, though, his focus is solely on getting delicious pizza into the stomachs of people in Park City.

"I’m here all day, every day," Devenport said. "I’m making sure that every pizza that goes out is the best we can do."

Este Pizzeria

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