Parkites can give fitness a spin at BOOM Cycle Room |

Parkites can give fitness a spin at BOOM Cycle Room

Regan Rodgers recently opened BOOM Cycle Room, a spin studio designed to offer customers a mind-body experience. The studio is complete with a sound system and big-screen TVs, and Rodgers says spin enthusiasts and first-timers alike will find it welcoming. (Courtesy of Regan Rodgers)

To Regan Rodgers, who has devoted her life to teaching fitness, a spin class should not merely be an exercise. A spin class, Rodgers believes, should be an experience, one that leaves participants physically drained and mentally stimulated.

Rodgers has made it her mission to provide such spin classes to Park City fitness fanatics. She recently opened BOOM Cycle Room, a spin studio in Kimball Junction she describes as equal parts exercise and fun.

"I wanted to create a boutique, a place that people really got excited about coming to," she said. "My vision for the whole thing was to create this cool space where people wanted to come that kind of had a nightclub atmosphere, where it was going to be their really, really fun workout of the week. I wanted a space where people weren’t dreading it. Sometimes you feel like you have to go to the gym. I want people to be excited to come here, like they can’t wait."

BOOM Cycle Room’s spin studio is complete with bikes placed in stadium seating, LED colored lighting, two big-screen TVs, a disco ball and a thumping speaker system that fills the space with sound waves. During classes, Rodgers pumps in energetic music, accompanied by music videos or entertaining clips. The studio is designed to be unlike anything else around, Rodgers said.

"It’s really a show that people are coming to see," she said. "You’re normally not going to see big-screen TVs in a spin studio. The tagline that I’ve been saying is a party on a bike. So you come in here ready to party."

Rodgers, who has taught fitness and personal training since college, has been spinning for more than 20 years. When the first spin bike was invented, she knew she wanted to be a part of the culture. It’s the one exercise she’s never gotten tired of, a fact she attributes to the high-energy environment of spin classes.

But she acknowledges that not everyone shares her enthusiasm for spinning — not yet, anyway. As well as providing a new twist for long-time spinners, BOOM Cycle Room is also designed to help those new to the exercise develop a passion for it.

"People are intimidated by spinning because they hear how hard it is and that it’s such an intense workout," said Rodgers, who has lived in Park City for four years. "But I always say that it’s your ride to decide. So if I have a new person, and they just want to sit in the saddle with low resistance, they can do that. Especially in this room, where it’s so dark, I think the new people feel really comfortable because they don’t feel like anyone’s watching them."

Those who try spinning will be rewarded, Rodgers said. She often hears from customers who say the classes are a vital part of their happiness, a way to get exercise and a mental break from the stresses of life at the same time. Many who try her classes become enthusiasts.

"It’s a whole mind-body experience," she said. "I want you to finish strong, but I also don’t want you to leave anything in the tank. You came here to work hard — you didn’t walk through the doors for an easy workout and I know that. I want people to work as hard as they possibly can. What spinning can do is set the tone for the rest of the day. Even if you’re having a crummy day and the last thing you want to do is get your workout, I want you to come into BOOM and know that no matter what, when you’re done, you’re going to be glad you came."

More than 200 people have already signed up for classes, Rodgers said. BOOM Cycle Room offers packages that include five classes ($95) all the way to 50 classes ($800). A single class costs $25. For Rodgers, the early support patrons have shown BOOM Cycle Room is gratifying.

"Starting a new business, you’re nervous about it and you’re not sure how it will be received," she said. "But it’s been such a warm reception. I’m seeing familiar faces in here, but I’m seeing even more faces that I’ve never seen before in Park City, which is awesome. We’re getting the viral word of mouth out."

BOOM Cycle Room

1154 Center Drive

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