Promoting businesses by 360 degrees |

Promoting businesses by 360 degrees

Alexandria Gonzalez , The Park Record
Heather Feldman, left, rehearses the script for the new video promotion she is filming with 360 Productions for her real estate website. Her husband, Larry Feldman, stands ready with her lines while his business partner, Mark Lukes, records behind him. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.
(Photo by: Christopher Reeves/The Park Record)

Larry Feldman stood by the desk looking at a script while his business partner, Mark Lukes, stood behind the camera set up on a tripod, filming Heather Feldman’s video promotion for her Equity Real Estate website.

"I don’t want this to sound like an ad," she said after Lukes stopped her in the middle of another take and reassured her that the video would be anything but.

Larry Feldman and Lukes are the owners of 360 Productions, a video promotion company they created together after launching the half-hour television show "Wasatch 360" in the summer of 2011. Feldman and Lukes met in Orange County, Calif. through a mutual client 15 years ago, and they have been working together ever since.

After "Wasatch 360" came to an end, they began using their tech savvy to work for Promontory on a production level as well as Park City Gun Club and other local businesses.

"We will basically take the goals and objectives of a client and weave them into a video presentation that they can use in a variety of mediums," Feldman said. "It could be something like this for a website, a corporate production tool sent only internally within the company, a commercial or a series of vignettes sent out on a marketing level like we did for Promontory."

Once their work gained traction, they were able to bid on a video brochure project for the Waldorf Astoria Park City. Rather than posting photo stills like other hotel websites, Feldman said, they wanted an interactive look at the facility, which 360 Productions was able to capture for them.

"It came out so well in their opinion that it went corporately down the line to Hilton and Hilton sent it out to all the marketing managers on all their West Coast properties to show them what Waldorf did that they thought they should be doing as well," Feldman said. "It is something we saw a need for and hope to continue doing for both local and national businesses."

Video promotions or brochures on websites and for TV spots are what 360 Productions does best. Lukes said that the thing that makes them different from other bigger Salt Lake City companies is that they are relatively inexpensive and do not raise the price if production takes a little bit longer than scheduled.

The Waldorf Astoria project was slated for several weeks and ended up taking several months. Feldman said they did not mind, because creating the best work takes time and effort.

Feldman said that while he feels that he is "the vision" of the company, Lukes is "the brains." Combined, they have background in both communications and public relations.

Feldman majored in communications at Cal State University – Northridge while Lukes majored in graphic arts, focusing in advertising and marketing, at Weber State. They both worked for agencies after college and branched off to each form their own companies.

Because they have gone through the experience of owning their own businesses, Feldman said, they know what business-owners need to promote their companies and create awareness for their businesses.

"Search engines just shoot off when there is video attached to a website, and increasing the visibility of companies on a marketing level is through video these days," Feldman said. "On a local level, we would like to help as many businesses possible to raise the awareness of their companies."

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