Roommate Roundup returns for seasonal workers |

Roommate Roundup returns for seasonal workers

The story is always the same: Seasonal workers flock to Park City en masse before winter and struggle to find the limited housing options available.

And despite the chaos, it all eventually works out.

But to help things along, the Christian Center of Park City will once again hold several Roommate Roundups to aid workers in their searches. The event allows people to meet other seasonal workers and tap into crucial information about Park City’s transit and housing options.

"The fun thing is at the very end, we leave some time for landlords to meet up with these seasonal workers," said Rob Harter, executive director of the Christian Center. "They can do their own interviews, they can meet people and ask questions and find out how many rooms people are looking for."

Harter said the Roommate Roundups have become a vital gathering place for seasonal workers. Last year, 40 to 50 people showed up for each event.

"It’s very important," Harter said. "We’re always surprised, honestly, at how many people come for seasonal work and they don’t have their housing already figured out before they get here. So the opportunity to get together and meet other people has proven to be incredibly helpful for them, and they’re always grateful for it."

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The Roommate Roundups will begin Nov. 10 and will take place every Tuesday until Dec. 29. They will be held from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Christian Center, 1283 Deer Valley Drive.

"We joke that it’s a little bit of a miracle each year," Harter said. "It seems like people always find housing. We don’t really know how, but we try and provide some opportunities and it seems to always work out each season."

For more information, visit the Christian Center’s website at