Science and technology experts to converge in Park City |

Science and technology experts to converge in Park City

Nan Chalat Noaker, The Park Record

Each year Mark Anderson and Sharon Anderson Morris assemble a critical mass of business leaders and scientists to discuss some of the world’s most complex issues involving technology, health care and energy resources, to name a few. Previously the event has been held in Laguna Beach, Calif. This year, for the first time, it is taking place in Park City.

The 13th annual FiRE (an acronym for Future in Review) Conference will take place Oct. 6-9 at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and as of Monday, a few attendee spaces were still available.

According to Morris, the director of programming for the conference, "We invite the 200 smartest people in the world and encourage them to think out of the box." The Economist magazine recently dubbed it "The best technology conference in the world," she added.

Park City residents who have attended the Park City Institute’s speaker series over the last two years may have an inkling of what is in store. Anderson and Morris selected speakers for the series, some of whom will be participating in next week’s conference. Anderson kicked off the series two years ago by presenting his highly regarded list of the top scientific advances expected in the coming year, along with their anticipated impacts.

Other speakers included Larry Smarr, a physicist and expert in supercomputers, who turned his powerful computers inward and gave a popular talk on how individuals can take control of their health care through better data collection. He will also be featured at the conference.

The daily sessions will cover a number of trending topics in the scientific world. The CEO of Hyperloop, a new transportation solution being developed by Elon Musk, will lead a session on Tuesday. On Wednesday the sessions will turn to pattern recognition software, developments in voice recognition software (SoundHound’s new Next Generation Internet Assistant), advances in 3D technology and emerging artificial intelligence applications.

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Thursday’s topics include new developments in wireless technology, breakthroughs in medicine (specifically stem-cell research) and technology’s role in preserving the environment.

On Friday, participants will begin to synthesize some of the new information and discuss how it changes the interface of people and technology.

Each day will also include a technology challenge designed to encourage interactions between disciplines in order to ignite additional new ideas.

Morris believes bringing the conference to Park City will help cement Utah’s reputation as a growing technology center.

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