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Show Homes are selling

Erin Carmichael, Park Record Intern
Ivan Pokusa sits in a home he recently staged in Midway, Utah. (Erin Carmichael/Park Record)

Ivan Pokusa and his wife, Sylvie, got their start in real estate — flipping and selling homes. In August of 2013, they became the owners of the Utah franchise of Show Homes, a national company that stages homes to make them more appealing to buyers.

"The staging is not just putting the furniture in," Pokusa says, "It’s to highlight the personality of the house." Pokusa says that through staging, he tries to give buyers ideas of what they can do with the houses.

Pokusa also explains that staging is about emphasizing the best parts of the house, "Any imperfection in the house will take your attention and you will not like the house."

For example, if a buyer walked into a house and thought that a door on a living room wall took away from the room and limited the way it could be decorated, the buyer might decide to purchase a different house. However, Pokusa uses furniture to show buyers how the room could look despite any limitations.

"We find what needs to be done so you as the buyer can feel good about the house," Pokusa says.

Pokusa explains that much of the decision-making process resides in the subconscious mind. This means that a buyer can walk into a room and get a certain feeling, good or bad, with no distinct reason why they have that feeling. "You have to walk into the house and feel good," Pokusa says, "If you don’t feel good, it doesn’t matter why, you won’t buy the house.

The goal, Pokusa says, is to create a feeling so pleasant that the buyer doesn’t want to leave.

When Pokusa is asked to stage a home, he first does an assessment and determines what the house needs. This could range from bringing in new furniture to cleaning the house. He typically tries to keep the house interior and furniture in a neutral color palette in order to appeal to all buyers.

Pokusa says that he puts the most effort into the first room the buyers see when they walk in the home or the impact area. This room creates the first impression and sets the overall tone for the rest of the tour.

For people trying to sell their homes and wanting to make it more appealing to buyers, Pokusa offers a few tips:

  • Pay attention to current trends and incorporate them into your home. Industrial furniture and reclaimed wood are very popular right now.
  • Decorate the house in a neutral color palette.
  • Make sure the house is clean and smells good.
  • Remove most clutter as it can be overwhelming to a buyer.
  • Make sure that the house does not have a lot of personal things, such as a wall of family photos. The goal is to make the buyer feel like this could be their home.

For more information on Show Homes, contact Ivan Pokusa at 801-200-4241 or visit

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