Silver Star Café cooks up a special event |

Silver Star Café cooks up a special event

Ever since that first taste of a supper club sparked his interest, the idea of starting one has been rolling around in Jeff LaBounty’s head.

Supper clubs are restaurants that also serve as social gathering places. People come together for the food and drink but also to meet new people and socialize with longtime friends. Supper clubs originated in the Midwest and are still popular in the area, but LaBounty, general manager of the Silver Star Café, wanted to bring it to Park City, where it would be a distinctive event.

The time has finally come. Silver Star Café has created what it’s calling its Sunday Supper Club, where patrons can gather for a social eating experience, complete with a family-style meal, drinks and plenty of good company. The first of the three planned Sunday Supper Clubs is scheduled for Sept. 27.

"I just hoped someday to implement this in Utah and have fun with it," LaBounty said. "So we started talking about it and thinking about and it just came together. It’s prefect for Silver Star. It’s destinational, a little bit off the beaten path. It’s so homey and so warm-feeling. So that’s perfect for a supper club."

Lisa and Jeff Ward, owners of the Silver Star Café, were enthusiastic about the prospect of a supper club when LaBounty broached the idea. Lisa said the purpose of the club aligns with what the café is all about.

"We are excited to bring people together in a very authentic way, with great food," she said. "This event is consistent with who we are in that respect. When we were raising our kids, Sunday night was a family dinner. It was always a special dinner, where no matter what anybody was doing, they’d be there Sunday night for dinner. I like this event from that perspective."

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The food will be served on platters for the whole table and specialty cocktails and wines will also be served. The menu for the first event, which is aiming to be comfort food with an upscale twist, includes a crab and melon salad, roasted duck and a dessert of baked peach.

LaBounty said the event already has caught the attention of customers looking for an experience that’s off the beaten path, adding that supper clubs could become a trend in town.

"People think it’s great just to hang out and meet some people and enjoy a family feeling," he said.

For more information on the Sunday Supper Club, which costs $55 per person ($42 without beverage pairing), visit