Slenderiiz introduces latest health kick to locals |

Slenderiiz introduces latest health kick to locals

Cole Fullmer, The Park Record

On April 26, Slenderiiz, will host an event at the New Park Hotel conference center. The affair will gather doctors and dieticians to help describe the benefits of the innovative weight-loss program, being introduced to Park City’s healthcare professionals, along with anybody interested in the public.

According to Tim and Laura Sales, launch team for Slenderiiz, the product is a ground-breaking healthy weight-loss program. Instead of focusing on weight-loss alone, they also incorporate a healthy lifestyle into the user’s daily life, which is what puts this program above the rest.

"We’re taking a different approach to this type of health move," said Tim sales. "We’re not trying to sell our product to the local gas stations and supermarkets; where you can find a lot of gimmicks. First we want to introduce this product to the healthcare professionals of Park City. With the information we have prepared to share, we are confident this program will be adopted by healthcare providers in the area who will in turn share this healthy program with locals."

In order validate the newly introduced diet program, Laura said, she has been helping local moms get their bodies back after pregnancy.

"I recently went through the difficulty of shedding maternity weight and discovered this technique," Laura said. "I was skeptical at first, but after hundreds of hours of research and personal experience, I found this isn’t just a diet plan, but a health practice to incorporate into your life."

Laura created a website to help educate and give support to moms looking to shed excess weight. The blog-like interface educates locals about nutrients that their bodies need to detox, lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently. The suggestions she reports are based on research and scientific studies that she says have been proven to be fast, safe and effective.

"This program allows you to eat real food, learn how to optimize your body’s natural ability to burn fat and learn how to reprogram your eating habits so that you can be set up for a lifetime of health, energy and weight loss," Laura said. "This program doesn’t just include diet tips, but a fundamental way to live your life."

Slenderiix, the product used by Slenderiiz, is a homeopathic blend of ingredients, which is used to help users lose weight by alleviating hunger and flushing fats and toxins from the body according to the company’s marketing team. B12 metabolism support and increased liquid energy formula, which is added to water, is responsible for removing toxins in the body.

Dieters are encouraged to follow a 1,250-calorie per day meal and exercise program. This combination was designed to support healthy weight loss, but also encourages mindful health and nutrition habits that reduce the odds of rebound weight gain, the two confirmed.

"This program isn’t about losing weight, it’s about maintaining a healthy, vibrant lifestyle," Tim said. "Park City is the healthiest place on Earth and the lifestyle of the residents is what makes it that way. We’re introducing this new concept only to add to this prominent lifestyle already found here."

"After we looked at the statistics of the studies and our own personal discoveries, it doesn’t make sense not to introduce this product to the local market," Tim said.

In order to sign up for limited space at the free event, e-mail the Slenderiiz team at, and to get product information, visit

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