Summit County market strong for seasonal workers |

Summit County market strong for seasonal workers

The ski season is over, and the annual hunt for summer jobs is on for the hundreds of seasonal workers eager to find their next paycheck.

The good news, according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, is that there are plenty of jobs to be had in Summit County. Kristine Scott, an employment counselor at the Park City DWS office, said there are currently more than 500 jobs posted in the county. And this comes on the heels of a year in which the county economy added more than 1,400 jobs, including nearly 500 in the hospitality industry, DWS numbers show.

If you’re looking for work, now is a good time.

"There are a lot of jobs," she said. "There are some hospitality-type jobs because they’re starting to hire for the summer season. There are a lot in the medical field, retail, construction — those are the types of jobs that are open right now."

Data from recent years suggests that seasonal workers seeking new jobs after ski season ends are typically successful. According to the DWS, the volume of unemployment insurance claims in the county spikes around this time of year, peaking at 138 in the highest week in 2014 and 111 in the same week last year. But in both years, the number dropped quickly and evened out four weeks later, near the end of May. That suggests, said Cory Stahle, a regional economist for the DWS, that workers are quickly finding employment.

The data shows that, as of April 9, 90 hospitality workers had filed for unemployment benefits this year. Since the county’s unemployment rate was just 3.1 percent in March, well below both the statewide and federal marks, there is no reason to believe they will have any harder time snagging a job than workers in the last two years.

"These people tend to file claims for a couple weeks, then they move on to summer jobs," Stahle said. " This is nothing out of the ordinary. This is what happens every year."

The resorts themselves can play a crucial role in helping workers find jobs. Stacey Taylor, director of human resources at Deer Valley Resort, said nearly 2,000 of the resort’s 2,400 workers are not retained for the summer, but the resort helps connect them with other opportunities, either in the area or at popular summer destinations around the country.

"We try to do what we can to help them out," Taylor said.

For workers who are still struggling to nail down their next job, there is still hope. Scott said they can go to the DWS website, to search for jobs and receive notifications about new job openings in their industries of interest. They can also upload their resumes, allowing employers to seek them out. Workers can also go to the Park City DWS office, at 1960 Sidewinder Drive, to access computers or to receive in-person assistance about topics such as resume-writing and interview techniques.

The DWS is also partnering with the Park City Chamber/Bureau to hold a job fair open to the public. The event is scheduled for May 11, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., at the Utah Valley University Wasatch Campus in Heber. For more information, visit the DWS website.

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