The Beau Collective finds fitness in Park City |

The Beau Collective finds fitness in Park City

Whitney Kozlowski, left, founder of the Beau Collective stands with fitness coach Lyndsay Cunningham after a recent workout session. The collective has been growing since its founding in 2014, and Kozlowski says its special because it brings out the best in people.
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Whitney Kozlowski had a background in fitness instruction and hotel hospitality. In 2014, she decided to try to fuse them together.

She created the Beau Collective, a fitness community based around one simple concept: Everybody has something to offer.

“I know that there are amazing people around me who do really cool things that can bring something to the table,” she said. “We’ve had people in the collective who are massage therapists, who are coaches of different sorts, people with different specialties that other people now are getting to benefit from because we’re all together.”

The Collective has flourished in the two years since Kozlowski created it. It began in Hotel Park City, then moved to Temple Har Shalom. Last fall, Kozlowski rented a barn behind the Colby School project property, at 3770 S.R. 224, and remodeled it, turning it into The Collective’s new home, complete with a workout space that flows from the inside into the outdoors and a relaxing area where people can congregate after their sessions.

“People are blown away by the special touches, and that there is a beautiful place to go and get fit and have motivation and inspiration everywhere,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be dark and heavy.”

Kozlowski’s original vision has grown into something she never expected.

“It’s been fantastic,” she said. “I never envisioned it growing to this size, and now I’m loving every day. Every person who is around here and who has been a part of this has made it so fulfilling. I feel like I’m using all of my talents and having such an I-give-and-I-get-back experience. Not a day feels like work.”

The sense of community is what makes The Collective special, she said. Camaraderie builds quickly as participants are put through grueling high-intensity interval training sessions. People quickly become like teammates, urging each other to keep pushing and to battle through. And the friendships remain after the workouts stop, the music shuts off and everyone returns to their daily lives.

“They start to look for each other and count on each other,” Kozlowski said. “And a lot of them are from totally separate social circles. They push each other. There’s not a lot of opportunity at this age for having teammates. Moms can have a lot of friends who are also moms and other interests, but I used to play volleyball, and I missed having teammates. They push you in a different way.”

Participants sign up for 12-week sessions, a model Kozlowski said ensures people have “skin in the game.” They know they’ve already paid, so there’s extra incentive to show up and put in the work. People are also motivated to come each week because they don’t want to feel like they’re letting their “teammates” down.

That dedication is reciprocated, and everyone in a session looks out for one another.

“Once we get you in, we really do care so much about what you do here, and we really care what it going on in your world outside this,” she said. “We have a lot of people in The Collective that have huge highs and huge lows, and we all find out about them.”

Since The Collective is tucked out of sight off S.R. 224, there are still many people in the community who have no idea it exists. You don’t know about it, Kozlowski said, unless you know about it. But she’s hoping more people in the coming years will learn about the secret.

“It’s kind of like our own little underground happy place,” she said.

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