The Montage Deer Valley hopes to lure summer travelers |

The Montage Deer Valley hopes to lure summer travelers

Skip the beaches, roller coaster rides sand National Parks and come to Park City.

That’s the message Montage Deer Valley wants summer travelers from around the country to consider. The hotel this weekend is kicking off its 12 Wonders of Park City campaign, a 12-week celebration of the town’s summer offerings designed to lure out-of-state visitors.

"As a hotel that’s in a ski town, we don’t have to do much explaining about what there is to do here in the winter," said Dan Howard, director of public relations for the Montage. "But we really do have to tell the story about our non-ski seasons. And this is a way to communicate to visitors all around America who have possibly never been to Park City outside of ski season."

Each week, the campaign highlights one aspect, or "wonder," of Park City’s summers, with participants taking part in events the Montage has organized. The categories include nightlife, shopping, trails, and music, among others.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities such as shopping with a fashion expert, fly fishing on the Provo River and receiving wellness treatments at the Montage’s spa.

Visitors can pick and choose the events in which they’d like to take part, and Howard said many opt for just one or two. However, others decide they want to soak it all up, even though that requires being in town for nearly three months.

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"You could do all of them all 12 weeks," Howard said. "People definitely try to fit it all in. I think people are into checklists these days."

Howard is especially looking forward to is the upcoming trails event. Participants that week will get front-row views at two stages of the Tour of Utah bike race that runs through Park City. They will also get to ride bikes made by BMC Switzerland, a renowned bicycle manufacturer.

"When you think biking in Utah, you kind of immediately think Moab," Howard said. "So it’s really exciting that Park City is getting recognition for its biking product."

Howard said interest in the Montage’s campaign is strong, with summer hotel reservations higher than they have been in previous years. He added that Park City as a whole seems to be heading for a busy summer.

"People are starting to book Park City summers like they never did before," he said. "We’d like to hope that our 12 Wonders package is part of it."

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