The Parkite is finally unveiled on Main Street |

The Parkite is finally unveiled on Main Street

Patrons poured in from the busy sidewalk on Friday, flooding Lululemon Athletica, the first retail store open at the newly renovated Parkite building.

The construction fence that had lined the building and blocked the view from Main Street for many months had recently been taken down, and many were getting their first look at the future of what was formerly the Main Street Mall.

For Rinaldo Hunt, developer of The Parkite, at 333 Main Street, it was a proud moment. He had been working on the project for about two years, and he was there with his young daughters to get a glimpse of the public reaction to the renovation. Seeing the enthusiasm from customers was gratifying.

"I think it was a big surprise to everyone," he said. "We had that big construction fence up for just about a year, and it’s definitely a transformation. "I’m glad to see customers coming in and out of the door. It’s very positive and it’s great to see."

Though Lululemon was the first retail store to open at The Parkite, there will four others. Opening sometime in December will be Gorsuch, a ski apparel store, while Robin’s Jeans and an UGG boots retailer are slated to open by the end of January, Hunt said. A fifth retail space remains unfilled.

"For Sundance, this thing will be just crazy," Hunt said.

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Michelle Hathaway, manager of Lululemon, also anticipated that the renovation will be met with success when all the retailers are in place.

"It will be a big deal," she said last Wednesday, two days before her store’s opening. "The building is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been in Park City for quite some time, so I’ve seen it since it was its former structure. And it’s beautiful. The fence is down, and people are starting to take pictures of the building already."

Hathaway even expects the building will be enough of a hit to draw people to Main Street.

"The retailers in here with us are quite eclectic," she said. "And I think people in our town will love it, as well as tourists. Our goal is to excite people about going to Main Street, to give them a reason to come up here, and I think this building is going to do that."

In addition to the retail spaces, there are 15 condominiums at The Parkite, ranging from two- to four-bedroom designs. Conceptual photos on the building’s website,, show sleek, modern living spaces with open floor plans and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. There are also shared and private balconies.

Hunt said some of the condos will be finished by the middle of January, with about two or three a month being completed from then on. Like the reaction to the retail space, he expects potential buyers to be excited when they see the condos.

"The views are incredibly unique," he said. "Each unit has its own individual look, feeling and flare. I think people touring the units as they become available will be pretty surprised at the overall architectural style — the modern look and feel."

The look and feel of The Parkite is a drastic change from that of its previous life as the Main Street Mall. The website describes it as contemporary luxury, and Hunt said designing a building that is sure to be a focal point of an area with so much history was both challenging and intriguing.

"It’s been absolutely wonderful to be able to transform this much of Main Street," said Hunt, who grew up in Salt Lake City and specializes in mixed-use, high-density developments. "It’s about 230 linear feet of frontage, and to make this big of a positive impact is a great thing. It’s been a lot of fun. There always are challenges, especially when you’re working on such a tight site, but it’s really coming around."