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Weller Recreation’s new digs open in Kamas

Bubba Brown

Sitting behind his desk overlooking the large showroom he and his family had long wanted to build, Paul Weller peers out at the customers browsing the rows of motorized vehicles. He eases back into his seat and reflects.

The son of the founder of Weller Recreation, and its current owner, Weller knows better than anyone the long path the company has taken to opening its new building, at 936 W. State Road 248 in Kamas.

The company began in 1962 on the family farm as Weller Repair, selling and fixing farm equipment. When Weller and his siblings took over the company in 1996, by which time it was a recreational vehicle retailer, they began looking for a better location.

They bought the property at the site of the new building in 1998. After years of delays and setbacks such as the recession, it was finally completed earlier this year. The doors opened to customers this summer and the owners held a grand opening event over the weekend.

"It is so nice to make your thoughts and dreams come to fruition," Weller said. "It’s been a long haul, but it’s so good to be here finally."

Glancing at the large showroom, with its long rows of four-wheelers, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles, it’s easy to see why Weller is excited. The display area is much larger than that of the old location, offering customers an easier shopping experience.

"The difference here is we can display everything we have," Weller said. "We really haven’t ordered in any more product. It was always just in sheds and storage locations. It’s great to have everything in one location. We’re able to display it. Customers can compare products instead of looking at paper or pictures."

Another advantage Weller is the location’s visibility. He said being on State Road 248 is the perfect spot to catch the attention of the thousands heading to the Uinta Mountains for recreation.

"It’s a destination for not only tourists but people from the Wasatch Front coming to recreate," he said. "So it’s actually a great location."

"I think the (customers) are more excited than we are," he said, adding the size of the company’s staff has nearly doubled since the move. "It’s amazing. It’s all been positive. The challenge we have is of being prepared for the extra customers — having the staff in place."

With the new building signaling a new chapter for Weller Recreation, it has forced Weller to think about how lucky the company has been. Though its success would not have been possible without countless hours of hard work throughout the years, the company was fortunate to get in on the ground floor of the motorized recreation industry when it began selling snowmobiles in 1968.

"That kind of began our recreation business," Weller said. "And the community has changed. In those years, there were probably 50-plus dairy farms in this area. And there’s one left. Through the years, it’s gradually lended itself toward the recreation business."

As the farms disappeared, the company came to redefine itself. It began selling four-wheelers and other wheeled vehicles in the 1980s and eventually focused solely on selling recreational equipment. Little did the Wellers know at the time, though, that the industry would explode in the years since.

"We had no idea," Weller said. "We’ve been part of the business for so many years. The industry has matured. Instead of being a backyard business, it’s developed into a thriving business in a thriving industry. I feel fortunate to be in the business. I’m glad that we stuck through it in the lean years."

Weller Recreation

936 W. State Road 248, Kamas