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Who ya gonna call? Brad Casper.

Alexandria Gonzalez, The Park Record

Brad Casper, owner of Dr. Phone Fix, stands in his store among all of the colorful accessories his store has to offer. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.

Brad Casper went into the Air Force after he graduated high school and worked as a telephone installer. Now that he is retired, he is back in the telephone business. He recently purchased a Dr. Phone Fix franchise.

"It’s kind of funny," Casper said. "I’ve come full-circle now."

After working for UPS for 30 years as a manager of human resources operations, Casper retired and decided to live in Park City, the delivery area he was in charge of. He married Dawn Young, a 25-year resident of Park City, and together they opened their own franchise of the national device repair company, Dr. Phone Fix.

Casper was inspired after he dropped his phone and had to drive all the way down to Salt Lake City to get it repaired. That is when he knew what kind of franchise he wanted to own and invest in.

"My background is human resource management, so I had been looking into those companies that did placement in that," Casper said. "The amount of work seemed kind of heavy, and I wanted something a little more local and not have to get on an airplane every Monday morning."

Casper decided that companies like Dr. Phone Fix will still be relevant years from now. Everybody has a phone, a tablet or a computer, and they all break no matter how "indestructible" vendors may make them seem, he said.

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His Kimball Junction store specializes in fixing Apple and Samsung products, and they try for same-day turnaround. They also sell accessories, such as phone or tablet cases, month-by-month T-Mobile service, and they buy and sell used phones.

If customers would like to wait for an hour or two while their phone is getting fixed, Casper and Young have worked out a deal with Park City Pizza Company next door, Young said. Dr. Phone Fix will give customers a coupon for a free slice of pizza and a drink while they wait.

A majority of the services offered include fixing broken screens or buttons on any sort of electronic devices, repairing wet phones if they are taken in immediately, and replacing parts in phones, tablets or computers.

Casper and Young said that Dr. Phone Fix will rarely turn anyone away and will do their best to repair devices with highly qualified staff that are extensively trained. They don’t let anyone work on any products or phones unless they are confident that they can be repaired, he said.

"We have the backing of the national company and a lot of expertise available," Casper said. "If somebody brings us something that we might not be able to complete here or will take more time or more expertise than we have, there are a lot of skilled, qualified people to back us up."

Info Box:

  • Dr. Phone Fix
  • 1612 Ute Blvd.
  • 435-649-0268
  • Monday Saturday
  • 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • http://www.drphonefix.com