Zanté Spa’s new owner returns to roots |

Zanté Spa’s new owner returns to roots

Loren Kornreich is the new owner of Zant Spa. Her career has taken her all across the country, and she says she is happy to be making Park City her home. She hopes to expand Zants services and maintain its reputation as a haven of relaxation.
(Bubba Brown/Park Record)

Loren Kornreich has spent much of her life traveling the country and opening high-end spas for some of the largest companies in the industry. The list of states where she’s left her mark rolls off her tongue: Hawaii, Florida, Texas, California, Colorado.

“Everywhere,” she said. “I’ve worked for pretty much all of the major spa brands in a director capacity or for some sort of renovation or opening.”

But then she got married.

She had been on the go for so many years, but she and her husband knew they wanted something more stable. So she decided to go back to her roots as a master esthetician. Instead of opening a spa, she wanted to work in one.

The right opportunity came quickly. She began working at Zanté Spa because she’d gotten to know the owner, Patricia Damon, when she was in town to open Spa Montage.

“I said, ‘This is perfect. Let me do this for a year and see how it feels,’” she said. “It was amazing. It was amazing to take all that I’d learned in my career and bring it here.”

What Kornreich didn’t know at the time, though, is that she would soon own the spa. She bought it from Damon in January and has set about taking what the spa already is and expanding on it. Zanté Spa has always embraced Eastern wellness philosophies. But Kornreich has teamed up with Wendy Wise, a holistic wellness advocate and Native American healer, to complement the spa’s acupuncture and massage offerings.

She has also brought new plastic surgeons to the spa. Doctors from Selarom Plastic Surgery specialize in facial procedures, such as botox, and Kornreich said customers have appreciated having the option.

Kornreich added that she is exploring the possibility of adding services such as hypnosis and other “mind and emotional freedom type of work.”

“Zanté is sort of coming into its own of being a collective of people that are needed for our community,” she said. “There are a lot of people in the Park City community who believe in holistic health and healing, but also those who indulge in a little nipping and tucking and maybe a little botox to make their smile look a little better.”

For Kornreich, it’s all about maintaining the spa as a place where people can have a respite from their daily lives and leave relaxed.

“The thing that brings people back here is this place and the feeling that they have when they come in,” she said. “They feel good. To me, having ran spas all over the world, that’s always the goal.”

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